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Survey. Do you see?

Vital Statistics Before We Get Down to Bid-ness....
Full name: James David Webley
Age: 20
Height: 6'2"
Hair color: Right now? Blueish blondeish whiteish brownish greyish...
Eye color: Sparkly blue
Oh, let's just skip the formalities. Hey man, whatchoo look like?: I'm a half-preppy half-punk who misses both labels
Date of birth: December 1st 81
And that would make you, astrologically: Sagittarius
Place of birth: Oxford, UK
Occupation: Student type bum

Now for the important stuff.....
Fictional character you most resemble (personality-wise, you shallow hussy): Randall Graves, of Clerks fame
One food and one beverage you will never tire of, never I say: Grilled Cheese and Root Beer
You're so dang purty, some people say you remind them of someone famous. In your case: Um, no they don't
3 personal best talents: Maths, Thinking, Guitar (relative to my other talents, not to other people)
Ultimate life aspiration: To be happy
Top 5 books: Lord of the Rings, Dune, and some Pratchett books
Your ideal romantic relationship would mirror the fictional relationship of: Christian and Satine, only not so tragic or fucked up
Off the top of your head, quote one of your favorite movie lines: Fuck Martha Stewart
If you were omnipotent for one day, you would: Get damned good on my guitar
Be honest, you've always secretly harbored love for Caitlin O'Brien, haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU?????: Guess :o)
Isn't Jesus always played by like, a totally hot man on movies and TV?: Not in South Park.
Do you feel uncomfortable being sexually attracted to Jesus? Um....
Do you have a monument to hell in your basement? Yes, it's called the kitchen
Shouldn't crippled people fight all the time for your personal amusement? Um...
Heh heh. Hey baby. What are you wearing?: Same thing as always
Name 5 celebrities you wish you could go back and re-virginize yourself for just so you could give it up to them: (hey look, all guys, I still have that particular virginity thingie)
1. Brad
2. Ewan
3. Jason Lee
4. Ben Affleck
5. Matt Damon or Josh Hartnett
Name 5 celebrities you would kill, then bring back from the dead just so you could have the satisfaction of killing them again:
1. Eminem
2. Esther Rantzen (!sp)
3. Britney
4. Pass
5. Pass
Name 5 songs that make your ears bleed, you hate them that much: I don't dwell on things like that, I wouldn't know
If your life was a movie, the song(s) playing during the sex scenes would be: Painfully rare? :o)
Favorite comedian, no question: Bill Hicks or George Carlin
Favorite kind of cheese: Real processed crap that is made of nothing, that you can only get from ASDA
Favorite cereal: Corn Flakes right now, since it's the only thing I've had in months
If you formed a band, it would be called: Suckers for Self Destruction
When you choose to get shitfaced beyond all recognition, your anesthetic of choice is: Brandy, washed down with Blue WKD, finished off with a sidekick
The movie that's made you cry the hardest: Dunno
Favorite 80s song: Everything Duran Duran did, likewise Nena, Spandau Ballet, OMD, James, Erasure....
You've just won an Oscar/Grammy (take your pick, because really, everyone either wants to be a movie star, a rock star, or both) -- give an acceptance speech, and make it short, because you know how those awards show people are: Fuck you all, I just beat the system
Were you an early or late bloomer? Honesty, now; your deity of choice is watching: Um....
Isn't Sean Connery hot in "Darby O'Gill and the Little People"?: Pass
If you were one of the children in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", you would be: I wouldn't be a kid, I'd be Willy Wonka, because Gene Wilder is my hero
Author you love so much, you would give a kidney to: Nice try, nobody is stealing my kidneys
Author you hate so much, you want to torture them for days on end: Pass
Have you ever considered becoming a nun/priest, and if so, why?: No, I hate the world too much
Admit it, punk boys with tattoos, piercings and dyed hair just make you want to rip your clothes off: Not so much....... ;o)
Boys who can vocally harmonize do too, don't they?: I don't know any... Neither Jimbo nor I can... Hey, Shanu, can you harmonize? Are you free tonight? ;o)
If I've got no other choice, can I follow your voice in this wicked little town?: Erm...
I have created the coolest survey ever, and you totally want to marry me and have ten thousand of my babies, don't you?: Guess ;o)

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fawking funny survey... i love it

Thanks for the procrastination material. I filled out my own answers and put it in my journal. :)

Unhand my birthday, you... :o)

::loud Captain Hook-like shout:: NEVER!

::slow Western drawl:: That day's not big enough fer the both of us...


Geeze... u look really good. im serious.

Thanks. People say I look like Noel Edmonds. Oh, you meant James.

Doc Bob, I have met you and I thought you look far more like Tony Blackburn. Thanks!

Hahaha, and now, hahaha, hahaha, ha, y'know whats funny, haha, and now the Beatles.


And, um, no, not gay.

Mmmh, goodie for that!

Yeah, I kinda think so too.... :o)

Yes! WOW! The lawsuit is in the post, please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

(Deleted comment)
It's mine, you can't have it unless you pay a ransom

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