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Life, now...
OK, so my life, eh? Not much to tell. Did more coding yesterday - programming my Coin object - it stores money which I can then use to represent money present in both the students' pockets and in the coke machine. It's pretty neat, and works, more or less, but it's a bugger to actually document, because it's yet another jumble of spaghetti code, which I simply love, but which teachers seem to hate. Oh well, eh?

I had a workshop last night. Fun-diddly-umptious I do not think. However, on completion of my workshop, it meant that I had succeeded in my challenge - I had worn nail varnish all day, without going insane or anything (well, no more so than usual). Hooray. It's still not all completely off, but Sarah and Vicky inform me that it's very difficult to completely remove the stuff. Grrrrr. So anyway, back at the flat, Mice changed into her suspenders, stockings and skirt. Teehee. But it wasn't all that interesting really, so I went to bed and slept for a few hours instead of just gawking. Woke up at 9pm, to find that everybody had vanished. Yes indeed, there was nobody around. So I went back to bed again. I slept in the afternoon, in the evening, and from about 10pm to 1am. I felt well proud of myself. At 1am, I was woken up by loud banging coming from the hallway, so I went to investigate....

It turned out that for a reason I didn't actually know at the time, James had opened the door to the hallway on which my room is, thus blocking the door to the toilet. He was then sat in front of it, not letting it move. I understood from the noises coming from inside the toilet that penned up in there was a very angry Claire. The story goes thusly...

James had, for some reason unknown to anybody but himself, started hitting Claire's leg with his slippers. Odd... Then he tried to pull Claire under the table by pulling on her leg, or something. She tried to kick him, but couldn't, so she decided to plot her revenge instead. About half an hour later, he got up, and she hit him and then poored water on him. He was not amused, and decided to return the favour. She ran away, and locked herself in her room, but then needed the toilet. So she went there, whereupon James slammed the door to the hallway open, trapping her, so she couldn't get out...

Anyhow, he wanted pillows, because he wasn't comfortable. So we exchanged him his two pillows for his jug of water - he was no longer able to soak her, but she still couldn't get out. This is about 1am, and so Annie got all pissed off and complained about the noise. Anyway, I went back to my room to install some software and read, and then watch the election. He was still outside the toilet at 2:30am when I went to the loo. Shocking, really. Apparently, he finally gave up and went to bed at 2:45am.

I stayed up, watching the election coverage and playing with Microsoft Personal Web Server. I finally found a /pws/ directory on my Win98SE CD, and installed it. Now I can play with ASP - my favourite thing right now. It's so groovy, and it means I can do, like, anything. Hooray. My webpages are already very good, since I can use routines to generate duplicate lines of code and things. All very groovy, and it makes writing forms for HTML really simple indeed. Anyway, the point is, since I have a book on ASP, and a book on VBScript, and a book on VB in general, it now means I can do a lot of nice server-side scripting and test it out on my hard disk. This is good. Hooray.

Anyway, aided by obscene amounts of caffiene, I stayed up until dawn, ASPing and watching the election very closely. At 5am I got up and had a shower (I was getting a bit bored at that point), and at about 7:30 I got up, had breakfast, and then stayed in the kitchen until the others were up. I then went back to my room periodically to check the election status, and literally came out bouncing with glee when all the Bush supporters suddenly realised that hey, shit, he hadn't won at all. Stupid tits, putting far too much faith in the idiot media. Ha! Republicans, eh? :o)

Just had a lecture, and I have another one in a little while. Then I have two options - I can either go into Brighton, buy some blue hair dye (or indeed whatever color I want it to go - maybe purple), or I can sleep. I think I'll go for the sleep one, to be honest. I'm a bit tired, what with having already been up for 10 hours today... Ugh... *thunk*

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"Anyway, aided by obscene amounts of caffiene..."

What!!! You've not started drinking coffee as well as eating veg, have you??? Must be all that Java........

ah you need to pratice that whole gawping thing, I know how good bad at it you are really :o)

ASP blahhh :o) ok so its quite funky actually but well, no real but I'm just analy retentive with my HTML :o) not that you didnt know that already :o)


ASP,pah sucks. CGI is better.-Spacemonkey/Ross

You have shown how little you really know. You cannot compare CGI and ASP - they are very different indeed. If you'd compared ASP to PHP3, I might have paid attention. Silly boy...

But again, no comparasin can be made really

ASP sucks, wher-as PHP doesn't

ASP rules, Benny... You know it's the truth, why do you deny it? :o)

I deny it because I can

Face it your ASP to my PHP is
your 8086 to my 1Ghz Athlon
your Notepad to my Word
your Microsoft to my Linux
your French to my English

ASP may have some use on intranets, where the admins don't have the time to play with Linux. But, PHP is the international way forward, on the internet

You want ASP? But you have Linux, oh well. No joy
YOu want PHP? But you have Linux, no probs. Wait, you have Windows, still no probs


Come one James, get with the time, stick to the future

PHP is the future, true. But by the time it is, I'll have learned it. The simple truth is that ASP developers get paid higher than PHP3 ones. I'm not saying that it's better in implementation, but it's better to learn as a skill - more money = good :o)

This is true, ASP people being paid more than PHP3 ones. But what about PHP4?

Think about it though, ASP is a microsoft technology, so it'll always be expensive


This is all very very good. And why I'm doing ASP. Because people trust Microsoft, rather than some PHP crud put about by those unshaven Linux freaks ;o)

People trust Microsoft you say?
Could you explain that AntiTrust law suit to me then?

Unshaven, Linux freek?

Shave every day :p
Used Linux from time to time, but don't know how to properly
Freak? Well, yes. But I'm big enough to admit it


Bah. You know what I mean - MS is a big company, and people trust the quality of their software, if not their means of distributing it etc. However, PHP3 is unsupported on a wide scale, and wasn't coded by MSCSEs - people, for some odd reason, don't like that....

... I, on the other hand, know that certification by Microsoft is only proof of idiocy, and thus tend not to trust their certified software/systems (whichever it is, I forget (if not both)) engineers...

Yes, I do know what you mean. But as it wasn't specificaly written, I decided to ignore it

I know what you mean, about people trusting something you pay for, more than something you don't. But, it's the developers (site, not ASP\PHP I mean) of the industry that actually know what's going on. That is, unless they sell sites to people using FrontPage 3
*shakes head*
That happens

But, people in the know, know stuff

As for MSCE's - Meaningless, but I'll still get some

As James said, they're totally different. So you can't compare

However, PHP is the way forward, where-as ASP sucks

You are... uhm... clueless!

ASP uses CGI. PHP uses CGI. Perl uses CGI. Note how I say "uses". It's because the things are not the same. CGI is the interface, which can be utilized by any server side script or program.

Yes, James is wrong too, but only partially. Because indeed, ASP and PHP (and other types of server side html-embedded scripting) are generally much easier to use with CGI than traditional "CGI languages" such as C++ and Perl.

Oh, and BTW. James is dead wrong on one issue... PHP is best. It's faster, has more uses, is extendable, is easier, more consistent, more secure and multi-platform. And it works in tandem with MySQL, the flat down coolest Database Server in existance.

But you know I love to hide behind Kit's "more money in it" argument. Plus, ASP is nice, because a great deal of it is VBScript (if you want it to be), and I can do VBScript - I have £60 of books on the damned thing, plus another £30 on ASP. If I change to PHP3 now, I get paid less, and waste money on the books :o)

PHP4 is out and has been for a while now. Much faster, much more features, more stability, a more consistent design, some semi-OO like stuff and most importantly for you, PHP development is targeting the commercial market (with Zend Optimizer, Zend Cache, and most importantly Zend Encoder). ASP is a waste of time. By the time you're finished, PHP will be every bit as large as ASP is on the commercial market. It already is on the private side.

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