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Less than pleased...
Stupid Cool Edit. I had problems with that damned software five years ago or so, when it wouldn't let me record MP3s properly, and now it has crossed my path again. After the phone companies, these cowboys will be the first up against the wall when my revolution comes.

So anyway, I get hold of a nice four track recording studio style plugin for CoolEdit, which is all nice and stuff - finally I don't have to worry about playing two guitar parts at once while singing (which I had been learning to do - so long as your little finger is able to move a lot, you can play lead while doing rhythm if you want). So I record my own version of Ash - A Life Less Ordinary, which is all cool - it's got three guitars (the acoustic-y bit at the start, the rhythm and the lead for the chorus), a drum track, my singing, and stuff. But when you come to save, the whole thing tells you that you can only save the first 60 seconds, then fails to even do that, then bombs out, and wastes a good half hour of recording.

However, by way of preventing you recording the wave source direct from playback, it inserts little "Ping"s into the track. Hardly a decent artist, and with a guitar loud enough to drown out any ping, I have decided that next time I try it, I'll just record (via different software) direct from the combined track wave source thingie. Fuck their stupid trial version, I just want to record a couple of ditties, and I'm not paying $100 for something that I really don't need. So there :o)

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oh just go steal it from morpheus :o)

I tried - couldn't find a cracked one, and my version won't let me use the "Enter Serial Number" button, so I couldn't just download a serial or anything...


Not that I endorse computer software piracy ;o)

i've got a full version of Cool Edit Pro 1.2a, and could upload it to my webspace if you want to... i've also got this mp3 plug-in for it, don't know if it's necessary or not; i just install it every time anyway.

Nah, not to worry - it's currently doing as much as I really need it to. But thanks for the offer :o)

Download Internet Audio Mix and I'll give you the serial code... if I still have it, that is :-)

Oh, and make sure you know the lead for Between You & Me before you get home, I can play the bass and rhythm at the right speed but not lead.

The lead is easy though :o)

I know bass, rhythm and lead. I'd record it, only I can't sing it in the right key :o)

Neither can Kris :-)


Don't be mean :o)

I'm not, when they play it live he sings it fairly badly, but for some reason I prefer it like that...

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