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Dydd Dewi Sant
Happy St David's Day to everybody else out there of the Welsh persuasion.

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Just a comment to your previous post, I suggest you sit down and watch Mallrats or Clerks for a laugh =)

It's interesting to find a guy that can see the side to Sliding Doors that you do though =o)
Good to read.

I've seen them both within the last two weeks, and can pretty much quote them, so I might not watch them right now. Maybe this afternoon though :o)

I love that movie - it sends out a lot of positive messages about how life can change in an instant, and how the smallest things can make a difference, and how even if you think your life is going badly, it might actually work out better than if it had been going well... Very uplifting.

Happy Saint Davids Day!

Thanks, same to u!!! Even though u ain't Welsh!

Lizy x

Re: Happy Saint Davids Day!

I fecking am, I just don't talk with a stupid accent, that's all

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