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How long has it been...?
Life's a funny thing... For the most part, it's just the story of how we bounce between perfect moments, narrated by our memories of the rest of it... And all the stuff between those moments just seems to be a shadow cast by their brightness, in which we just look back on where we've been rather than where we are. Or something. I've got the imagery in my head just fine, but when it comes to writing it down, I've never been quite so good at doing the ideas justice.

I've nicked the VCR for a bit - I paid for it, it's only fair that I can hook it up to the computer from time to time even if they have all paid me back. Anyway, I've been watching Sliding Doors - man, I love that movie. It's so romantic, and I love John Hannah's character in it - he makes the babbling idiot act look really good, if only I could emulate him. The whole movie is just really uplifting - even at the worst part of it, it still turns itself around beautifully and all comes together and... well... it's just wonderful, certainly one of my favourites, despite how I rarely talk about it. While the VCR is in here, I could also watch BASEketball, or Clerks, or one of my other videos, but I can't find the energy right now... :o)

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I just recently added you to my friends list. I enjoy your writing style. I hope you don't mind. -Crystal

Not at all, just so long as you can put up with me :o)

Hmm, she did the same thing to me.. Interesting :-)

Yay for Clerks though.

I'll go now....

Yes! Fiend! Begone!!!! ;o)

I went, and had an hour of Java with some old guy who annoys everyone in the college.


Thanks. I think your thoughts are very interesting. I like to listen to what other people have to say. -Crystal

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