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Okay, today is a good day
Well, I called Professor Goldie about my maths essay - I'm going to see him on Saturday afternoon (at 2pm, so I don't forget) to discuss where I can go with it now to turn it into a good seminar. Anyhow, he mentioned that he thought it was a good essay, and that he enjoyed reading it. This is good.

I also got an e-mail from John Collura (the guitarist for The Ataris) with some tips on playing, and some general information on him (since I've read biographies of the others, but not him). Which was good, although part of me suspects that Ed told him to reply or something, since he seems to be in contact with him more :o)

There's also something else, but I'm going to tease you all by not saying anything except that it's far better than those two things put together :o)

Anyhow, today's plans include food shopping, tidying the kitchen, getting over my hangover, and perhaps nuking my hair back to blonde. I just know it'll all fall out if I do though - I've abused it so much lately (although not too recently).

Ho hum, anyhow, back to doing whatever.... Not even my hangover can make me any less happy :o)

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Oooh I know ... you bought some new shower gel!

Forward me his reply.

Oh, and for your information, I didn't tell him to reply :-)

Done. I think Hotmail has been silly and sent it in a text file attachment, let me know if it works

well damn...

grr.. i looked at your pic after i read that you were dyin your hair blue in the entry b4.. well... i didnt see how that could go wrong but aw hell since it did that sucks loads. :( ... i can picture looking awesome with blue spikey hair hehh.. well not like the blonde is a bad thing.. But Still! ;) hehh Well i hope all goes well and your hair goes back to looking good as ever and that yoor hangover loses its effects and so on :) kay...
~I'm Out~
*(Chick w/ the deadjournal)*
oh PS No Doubt is an awesome group lol.. only sayin that cause i'm listenin to their song Making Out ... kay Byee!!

I is intruiged

I am intruiged about the bit you won't tell us. I want to know quite badly. Actually, I'm onlu mildly interested, and am just really really bored. I hope it's all good with you, and that your hair doesn't fall out.


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