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You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone
Boyband to Punk in one simple step. Take your bleached blonde hair, and gunk it up with blue hair dye for a bit. And thus, I go from a blonde quiff type thing to blue spikes. I'm getting my photo taken for my new student ID card (which will last me until I finish Uni) soon, and I thought I'd make it a photo that I can laugh at in future years. So no more blonde :o)

Anyhow, I love impulsive actions. To be stood around in the bathroom at 4:30am and just decide to randomly dye your hair blue - that's what living is about. Apparently. The dye still has another quarter of an hour before I wash it out, and we see what it's done to my hair. Last time, it dyed it James Color - this time, hopefully, it'll be a little better than that. Naturally, webcam pictures will follow.

My headache is slowly fading now - thankfully, the effects of alcohol are temporary. I'm surprised, actually, that at 5am I'm sober. There's a degree of coordination loss, but you know, I'm not the most together guy most of the time anyway, so it's not to be worried about. Now, to wash this stuff out of my hair and see how it looks :o)


And the verdict? It looks shite. Shite, I tell you. The dye I have is just utterly pants, to be honest. Thank God I have peroxide. Tomorrow at some point, I'm gonna nuke the whole thing back to blonde or something... Shouldn't need to do much to accomplish that - it's not far off right now, owing to how the dye seems to be far more a tint....


And I was looking forward to having blue hair again....

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hey, i saw the movie ratings test you made, it was hilarious. your pretty kewl.

what brand of dye was it?

hehe... you should never follow the instructions. leave dye on for about 4 hours. ::nods:: hehehe

What brand did u use?! I've never had any problems with mine... It's the B colour one from Superdrug, and it looks good, although if u use an abrasive shampoo it goes quickly!

Lizy x

" ... I thought I'd make it a photo that I can laugh at in future years" Well I think you may well still do that with the blonde anyway Jaems!

Download some stuff by Jawbreaker, they're good :-)

I have Jawbreaker stuff. They're the first band mentioned on Song for a Mix Tape, of course I'd get stuff :o)

Sorry about the hair incident. Maybe you should have dyed it a brownish color first, then blue. That always worked for me. ;)

But it was already brown, and it never accepted blue dye when it was. I'll peroxide it and stay blonde tomorrow or something :o)

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