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Well that's the fastest I've ever learned a song. I now know the words and chords to Ash - A Life Less Ordinary, having never heard it before tonight, and only having had the lyrics and tab for an hour. Just goes to show what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it, I guess... All this, of course, inspired by personal muse :o)

I have such plans for my room... Jimbo and I took a look at it earlier and decided to work out what I could do with it. We're renewing the lease type thing, so I have another year in this room. So it's best if I do something cool with it. We're going to mount a few neon lights along a couple of places in the room, then drape some fabric from the ceiling where the shelves are, and... well... you'll see, later :o)

Anyhow, after a delightful five hour phone conversation with Caitlin, I'm now going to watch some Moulin Rouge...

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(Deleted comment)
I only wish I had somebody to sing that song with

I'm so outta' the loop. I have yet to see Moulin Rouge...

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