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I returneth
I am back. But am I carpeted? Am I fuck. After they weren't here by 3pm (when they'd said early afternoon), we phoned them up to ask when they were planning on coming to do it. I didn't hear what they said (being as I was half asleep at the time, and wasn't making the call), but I clearly heard Harry exclaim "You are joking!". Yes, it turns out that in fact, they didn't know they were meant to come today. They're going to call back tomorrow to let us know if they can do it then, and if not, then to let us know when they can. Which means I can't put stuff back in my room especially, since I'd only have to remove it again.

This might come as a shock to you, but upon learning this, I cannot deny thinking some pretty mean thoughts, and even making a couple of these vocal using language unbecoming of a gentleman. But do you know what? I don't fucking care - it pissed me off. How dare they play with my life like this - as if I didn't have better things to do than move all my stuff out of my room for nothing. Well, perhaps I didn't have anything better to do at the time, but it's still irritating. I've put the computer back in the room, and that's it - I can't be arsed with the rest, it can stay where I left it.

Anyhow, I'm in a really bad mood as a consequence, this has really irritated me. I need cheering up very much. As such, I think I'm going to blow this week's food money on pizza and alcohol tonight. Currently, the plan is to get pizza hut, followed by going out clubbing with Jimbo (he wants to go pull more girls or something). I dunno how I feel about this right now - I'm really not in the mood for going out at the minute, but this could all of course change. We'll just have to see, I guess....

This link managed to make me laugh - the guys at Google have a sense of humour, and it's appreciated in today's increasingly sterilised world. Perhaps there is still hope for my general mood.

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that was ridiculously unfunny. i'm afraid you've gone down in my estimation.

by the way, posting pictures of friends naked on the internet is always an entertaining way of passing time. also posting pictures of self. why? because you have to get shitfaced to do it, and that's always fun. suggestions for this evening. hope you brighten up. fly (those carpet bastards!)

Exactly which part was ridiculously unfunny? Or just the whole thing? Because I don't recall signing any sort of contract that requires me to keep brats entertained, nor do I feel the need to act in such a way that I remain high in anybody's estimation - your validation means less than you might think.

(never a good idea to aggravate me when I'm in a bad mood)

not to kick you when you're down...

but hahaha, this is what you get for mocking canada.

ps---although i am sorry about the moving your furniture thing, that does suck.

oh well

talk bout being pissed and all, sometimes the things people do are just whack, especially if it comes from the people u term "adults" in society today, and when their actions spell irresponsibility, plus the fact that you're been drownin in bad mood for the past 4 days, everything's juz whack. being 20 is like a turnin point in time for me from teenhood to who knows what, and sadly speaking, i'm jaded.

checked out the link, where'd u get it? the guys at Google do have a sense of humour as u said.

sometimes all you need is juz to scream at nothing and let it all out, then let the anger subside, but sometimes there ain't nuthing much u can do, so basically when you're pissed and someone else comes to add on to it by makin u more pissed, it's a pissy cycle.

oh well i'm like, talkin trash now. hope u do great.


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