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Question: Why do cordless phones have finite battery power?
Answer: So that a certain Caitlin O'Brien doesn't bankrupt me all in one go.

Anyway, where am I? Oh, right, Tuesday morning. That means it's the day where I have to move all my stuff out of my room and into Claire's and Jimbo's... And when I move it all back in, I'll have a carpet. And I'll also rearrange my room to maximize the space available to me. My chest of drawers can go in the little alcove under my shelves and have the printer on it, the computer can go where that used to be, the bed can go sideways, and then... well... you'll just have to wait and see. Depends on what I can manage with the space available to me once it's all done.

Sadly this means that I'll be offline for a while, since I have to pack the computer up and move it. When I put it all back, I'll make sure it's wired up neatly, and make sure that the speakers and stuff are all in the best positions. It'll be great once it's sorted, trust me :o)

Anyhow, more in a bit...

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A-HEM, I believe I wasn't the only one talking in that conversation, hmmm Mr. Chattypants? But it *was* on your dime. Next time is on my phone card, I swear.

Me Mr Chattypants?!! I'm sorry Ms Chattypants, but that's quite clearly your department ;o)

What are you making obscure noises at, child?

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