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When your children say they wanna go outside and play, don't let them.
They could be in Miami smuggling Cuban immigrants across the border.

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"BIENVENIDOS A ESTADOS UNIDOS!" *bang bang bang bang bang*

um u dunt no but o well

kewl random comment - lol
u sound like a pretty kewl guy - um now i sound pathetic *shuts up*

Re: um u dunt no but o well

It's a quote from MTV's The State

If your kids ask to go out and play.....

...don't let them.

They could be running guns in Chinatown for the Yakuza.

Hi, we're the state. You know a lot of people think that once you get your own TV show, it's really easy to get laid. Well that couldn't be any further from the truth......

Re: um u dunt no but o well

kewl, i prefer MTV2, but thts just me :)

The State isn't on MTV anymore -- Congress recently passed a law that no programs offering any value to any human being in a non-vegetative state can be aired on MTV. But it used to be on there, when MTV was still good. Nostalgia. Tear tear.

Re: MTV injustices

AWWWW!!!! poor u, o well ;) watch MTV2, its got a lot betta music :)
hang on, so wot channel it on?

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