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Oh well...
I decided I really want the next Monkey Island game. So I've pre-ordered it. Under £30 - it costs less than a course text book, and will provide far more fun. Ho hum...

Just had a couple of lectures. Not what I would call entertaining, although I must say they didn't kill me, which is good. Learnt how to do Arrays in Java, and learnt how to do silly silly silly things in Maths. Boring... Yawn... Etc.

Right now, I'm looking like a tit. Much of this is because I have black nails. Yes, indeed, if I can walk around with black nail varnish on for 24 hours, then Mice will wear her suspenders and stockings for an evening. I'm determined to win :o)

Didn't do much last night - drank some vodka, just to prove I can still drink, did very little else. Chatted and stuff. Got to bed at 2:30am. Bah...

Trying to get hold of Eminem tickets. Harder than you might think. Bleeding places all sold out before they made them available. Grrr.

I hate talking in this disjointed way. It looks very wrong.

Oh well. I feel odd right now. Going back to the flat to sleep for a few hours, I think. Later...

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Wear gloves. And it sounds like you have to do a LOT to see so LITTLE. Or have I built up a tollerance to sexual imagary? Or something.

I don't have to do *that* much... Nail varnish ain't so bad...
OK, I admit it, it's horrible. Ugh. But heck, it's worth it... :o)

Well, if you get to see her in suspenders ... mmm ... mmmm ... Oops, I'm at work, better put it away. :o)

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