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So anyway...
Here I am. I'm losing track of exactly which day is which, and when things are, but I'm told that today is Sunday, and that the time is 9pm, so that's a good start. Had a quick nap between 4 and 7 this afternoon/evening, which ended in me waking up and not having the slightest clue where on earth I was. It's always the way though - whenever I sleep from hours of daylight to hours of darkness, I never know what's going on when I wake up. Not quite sure why...

Still, I've done reassuringly little today, although I have been writing a bit of music (on guitar and keyboard - shock horror!). Nothing good though. Nothing even vaguely presentable yet, in fact. But I'll get there...

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lalalalalala lalalalalala - Ginge's theme

Everydays a Wednesday.

Re: lalalalalala lalalalalala - Ginge's theme

I wish - that's my day off :o)

one day, i fell asleep during the afternoon hours and i woke up later that afternoon after the sun set and it was dark out. I was very disoriented and i had no idea what day it was. I thought i slept through the night, right into the next afternoon.

If I always knew what day it was...

Aw hell. If I always knew what day it was, it would be an excellent reason to slam my hand in a door repeatedly. And the fact that you slept more today than I've slept in the past 3 days is kind of unsettling. Well, I hope it's all good with you, that you've got your wits about you, as now you know what day it is. And if it was always Wednesday, I might shoot myself. I'm none too fond of Wednesdays.


you definitely don't know me, but i just wanted to let you know you're very hot and your livejournal's awesome. have a nice life jamie.

Thanks. Uh, you too :o)


It's Alexa again. Catching up. And laughing at the amount of people who leave you comments who think you're hot. Makes me laugh. All the time. Anyways, I hope it's all good with you, and in the words of your devoted fans-You are hott!! hee hee hee. Yup, I'm still laughing.

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