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Avert Your Eyes! Before it's too late!
Ha... If those kids could see me when I first get up in the mornings, they would not be leaving comments in my journal telling me I'm "hott", that's for sure. Now, if not before, people can perhaps see why I'm not a mornings person, and try to sleep through them as much as possible :o)

24 February 2002 07:48:15

Although, then again, it might just be me, but I don't think I do too bad a job of fixing it up in a rather amateurish way. As the timestamps show, it only takes ten minutes to get from Bog Monster From Hell, to Suitable For Leaving The House, which isn't bad going considering where we're starting from..... (although my eyes are still barely open, which makes my face look wrong)

24 February 2002 07:59:58

Fecking natural light. Plays havoc with the webcam... Plus, red isn't my color - I look better in dark blues and blacks. Red just makes me look... well... I dunno what the adjective is... but it's synonymous with "not good"... :o)

Trying to write a song, but the words just won't flow this morning - just like every other damned morning, really. Still, at least I've slept a bit, so I can function a little better. Heck, my dream even had an embarassing "Oh shit, I'm naked in public" segment, so clearly normality has been restored. I hope.

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Exactly my thoughts - still, I'm a little more awake now, which is at least something.

But I ain't putting that picture up publicly. Ugh.

pah, you still look good in red :P

what kind of songs do you write? (what kinda music i mean)

Well thank you :o)

Well... I try to write them punk, but they come out kinda pop-rock-ballad like...

you hair is fluffy.

::ponders:: my hair won't go fluffy.

hmmm. i must figure out how to return my hair to the style of a 4 year old me.

Your still cute no matter what.

But the facial hair! The actual hair! The ickiness!!

No hun! Your still cute...and that's final!

Dodgy facial hair....umm I've often wonder. :( but then again I look a bit like hairy Jeremey when I wake up in the morning. heehee.

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