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I wonder if there's anybody left, or whether everybody got bored and stopped reading :o)

Oh well, nap time

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::watches tumbleweed roll past::


Well I came across the test "what movie rating are you" and I clicked on the link that said Jamie and it led me to your live journal. I just wanted to say WOW... you are way cute. You seem pretty rad, too. Well write back if you want. Alright... I'm out.. Bye bye!

Re: Just saying hey ...

Thanks, it's nice of you to say so. And thanks for reminding me of the word "rad" - I've not heard that since 1993... :o)

Re: Just saying hey ...

haven't heard "rad" since 1993?? Hehe How funny! It's cool though. So how old are you? So you live in England? That's awesome. I've always wanted to visit there. I live in Southern California in the U.S. Well I'm out...Feel free to instant message me anytime online if you want. My screen names are BluRoze9 and XLyquidRedX ... By the way my name is also Jamie... ok bye bye now...

Re: Just saying hey ...

I'm 20, and yes I live in England. Other details duly noted.

Re: Just saying hey ...

All my punk friends say "rad", so I'm used to seeing it.

Hey! Cool Diary

Hi! I saw the link to your test, and took it, posted it in my online diary, and that's how I got to yours. However i'm on Teen Open Diary. This is my diary link: Cool diary.. you're a cutie. :) -Amy (Sweet_Nothing on TOD)

Re: Hey! Cool Diary

Thanks, I'll give it a look :o)

Yo, I is bin lookin at de test an' me Julie think you is well hott. Me mate Dave think he can get you a good deal in dis porn flick 'e bin makin.

- Ali

Ahahahahaha respeck innit!

Me is feelin it ahright!


Don't like titles

I don't like titles. Anyways, I'm the one who commented about singing and dancing with Moulin Rouge. :) My name is Alexa, I have an Open Diary as well, but I doubt you're interested. If you are, I guess I'm going to follow the lemmings off the hill and leave you my AIM. WingsScrub. Hope it's all good with you.


i'm sorry but you are really really hott...and i usually dont say that to people online but you are really freeopendiary name is to you later

Hmm, you've not written all that much in it yet..... :o)

No matter, looking forward to when you do :o)

Don't leave home without one.

Jesus, I was scanning the amount of comments that you received (I find it amusing) and LORD, with the amount of people who come out of nowhere, screaming, "AIE, U R HOT!" I'm surprised that you aren't afraid to leave home without a can of pepper spray anymore. ^^;; And such.

Re: Don't leave home without one.

You should see what I've been writing in friends-only posts regarding that whole thing ;o)

With raised eyebrows

If creating a test brings this many suitors to someone's LJ, let me make one too!

Actually, I don't require (or desire) any suitors. Nor am I going to giggle over you as though I'm twelve and you're a member of N*Sync right here in your own journal. I just wanted to comment that I'm glad I ran across your journal through the ratings test because you have a quality writing style that strikes me as unique.

It's...ummm... "rad" that your father has an LJ. You must have an immense sphere of influence if it even reaches your parents.


Re: With raised eyebrows

You seem to have noticed the key flaw in the suitors plan - that being their quality. Still, can't complain - just because the twelve year old screaming fans (if one can call them that) are the most vocal, it doesn't mean there aren't higher calibre people who have found me and become interested in my writing style or whatever, rather than a couple of pictures.

Thanks for your comments about my writing style, coming from somebody such as yourself (well, you know, I've read your userinfo - that grants me license to pretend I know you) that means a lot to me. I like to think of it as the demon coupling of thought out commentary and teen pop culture expressions. Add a dash of starting every paragraph with "anyway" or "anyhow", and that's more or less it. Nothing overly special :o)

As for my father having a journal - he doesn't write in it as often as I would personally like, but I suppose that's his perogative. When I came away to university it seemed to me to be the ideal way of keeping each other informed while I was away at University - it meant that I didn't feel obliged to keep on letting them know I was okay, and they didn't feel the need to check up on me constantly. Any time they want to know what I'm doing (read: how badly I'm screwing up my course), they can just read it here :o)

However, I feel I have to say that the maturity of your comment is inappropriate to my journal. If you could please replace a few letters with numbers, abbreviate everything, and converse at a nine year old level, that'd be great, thanks..... ;o)

Holy shit - we have the exact same birthday.

That's fuckin' cool.

It is the best birthday. I get an advent calendar as a present every year... :o)

Awesome. I added you to my friends list, if you don't mind.

I dunno, if you're not willing to scream like a teenager, then what's the point? ;o)

That's fine, just so long as you don't mind the sheer volume of posts (both public and friends only (since I've added you back)) which will now be sitting on your friends page. You may well wish to filter me out :o)

Lord knows that we all do... ;)

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