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I appear to be stuck in a root-beer inspired trip right now, although I'm not about to try getting out of it. I knew that 30 cents per can was a bit cheap, and I'm not beginning to wonder exactly what chemicals there are in this shit. The only one I'm not sure about is E150d - the others all seem to be common enough ingredients in any chemical-based soft drink. I've been feeling a bit weird (spaced out style) ever since I got this stuff, although that in itself is nothing to worry about.

Anyway, I'm awake now, having slept from 3pm to 7pm... I'll have another nap in a little while, I can tell already. But for now, I'm awake, and interested in staying that way for a while. Sometimes I wish I had a different room in this house, you know - the room directly two floors up from me would be great. But, if possible, I'd also like the kitchen and living room to be moved up there too, as well as the front door. But yeah, the view right now is beautiful (or, rather, the view about an hour ago - I keep getting distracted mid sentence).

Anyhow, so yeah, when I woke up I went upstairs, and the sky was a very deep blue, but wasn't black by a long shot. The whole thing was really clear, but for a few clouds which were so high up that they weren't reflecting the lights of the city. Those clouds that were there were clearly lit in the moonlight, as was the landing. There were stars out, and below them, the city was laid out all shining brightly like somebody put the sky on the ground, painted the stars orange, and made them glow for all they're worth.

Well regardless, I'm awake now, although I don't know how long for, and I have no idea what I actually want to do with this newfound consciousness now that I have it....

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rootbeer trippin

damnit pinky, what did i tell you aboot that deisel fuel...you want fun, try downing a bottle of nyquil

Re: rootbeer trippin


I'll remember that :o)

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