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I'm having trouble sleeping and I don't know why. I've been trying for the last three hours, but I can't manage it - something is keeping me awake. Personally, I blame the root beer and/or cola, which is why I'm trying to drink more bottled water. Anyhow, the good news is that with Harry and Jimbo away for this weekend, the only person in a room adjacent to the shower is me, and so if I'm in the shower, then nobody will be disturbed. On the off-chance that it'll help me sleep, that's what I'll go do....

*wanders off in search of showery sleepiness type stuff*

Ahh, that was good. It's great to have a shower just for the sake of it for once - usually, it's more a case of "Shit, I have to leave the house in an hour and I'm not dressed or showered". There's always time constraints, and I have to accompany the shower with washing my hair properly, using the right conditioner, styling it right, brushing my teeth, shaving, picking out a nice outfit.... It's nice to just walk straight into the shower, stay there as long as I like, then walk out, into a dressing gown, and just hang out like that.

You know, the longer I stay at University, the more strongly I believe that I'm not learning anything applicable through my course. Those people who know a little more of my life might recognise that this is because I seem to attend once in a blue moon, but it goes beyond that. It's the fact that academic learning is reasonably useless - especially the course I'm on. The reason Maths Grads get paid more than others is because of the specific skills they learn through studying maths - those being things like problem solving, and logical analysis.

And you know what I've learned the most from? Just living here. I'm telling you now, it'd be an idea to actually pay people to live away from home. You know, give them a student loan to help them out with living expenses, then get everybody to take on part time work to make up for the rest. Have three years of being funded to be a bit lazy, work a few hours a week, and expand yourself. Have the social aspects of university and stuff, but for God's sakes, the lectures are pointless. They give you such an unnecessary depth of knowledge in your subject, and that's really not required.

What I would love to see is some sort of Life Improvement college. Courses in skills, rather than subjects. You'll get the same benefits, but you won't be stuck with some stupid degree in maths when all you want to do is be a journalist with an interest in music. I can just tell that my peers on Maths courses are unlikely to require even a fraction of what we're doing this year, and even less of what we do next year. What's the point? This time could be spent expanding our minds, not filling them. In closing, university is a pointless waste of time whose only purpose is to increase the number of academics in the world, and I bloody well refuse to add myself to their ranks.

I started writing this post four hours ago. Guess I just keep getting distracted... Anyhow, I just know I'm going to go back to bed again in a minute - I can feel the tiredness returning to me (and hopefully not just temporarily)...

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Hi.. This has nothing to do with you above post, and I don't want to sound like a person whom enjoys correcting people, but I just wanted to tell you that black isn't a colour. You listed it as your fave. colour... But it isn't realy a colour. And that would be my comment.

Not so. When referring to one's favourite colour, it's with reference to perception, rather than scientitic properties. In this case, the viewpoint that "Black is not a colour, it is the absence of colour" is flawed, because that infers an absence of perception. Because black can be perceived, regardless of whether light is being emitted or not, it is therefore a colour.

Niiice. (You're really smart by the way)

i tend to agree with your evaluation of school... i found my short college career rather boring and pointless... which is why it was short... ill probably go back.. but thats because there are some skills that i would rather be spoon-feed. hehe, more of my inherant laziness showing through... ahh well... a fine arts degree seems right up my ally... and i could us the break from 'real life'. i've found that the real world pretty much sucks.. and so i want to be free of it for as long as possible.

(Deleted comment)
Heh, yes, I can see what you mean about the writing style, and I have nothing against calling it talent ;o)

And of course I have superior musical tastes. You expected any less? :o)

good song that is. san dimas. and youre hot

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