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I feel this site needs more exposure - first saw a link on AFK-MN (who says that you can't find good material there?). Hilariously funny:

Although part of that is just because International Opinion (not what the othe countries think - I mean what I think of them) is at an all time low. If only the world could be, I dunno, a bit more laid back, then that'd be great, thanks.

Anyway, I've only just woken up, but that's to be expected. I've decided to stop worrying about when I sleep, and just worry about how much I sleep. That way, it means that I should be fine - when I have things in my schedule (going out, lectures etc.), then I'll just make sure that I sleep around them rather than through them. Easier that way - sod sleep patterns :o)

Right, well, 'tis food time.

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You really do like to sleep alot don't ya? Hell I don't blame ya I'd do the same thing.! ~*Muah*~

Re: You Weren't Lying

Told ya :o)

I'm thinking about taking a nap right now, in fact :o)

Hey. Cool journal. I took the movie test. I have an open and my name is hellokitty02
later. -lindsay

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