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Back, and alive
I occasionally get a little paranoid about certain parts of Brighton. Not to the point where I worry, I just take other routes. I guess there's just so many times you can watch the news and hear the words "murder" and "beating" with regards to those areas before you start worrying.

Mind you, still wandered through those areas, just because I don't care that much... Walked down to the marina, which is about a mile and a half from the house, and what for? American cheese and root beer. Still, it was worth it. And God was it all cheap - the root beer was 20p per can, the cheese was under 5p per slice, I spent so little. Chatted to the guy on the checkout for a while, just because he was blatantly bored (as was I to be fair, I often get bored in the wee hours). He mentioned that there are jobs available there at the moment - I might give some serious thought to it. I mean come on, working at Wal*Mart - what cooler thing is there? :o)

Anyhow, after a roast beef sandwich (the likes of which I've not had since Melissa took us to the mall in December), I'm now going to try sleeping (although I've had enough caffeine to keep me awake for a long time)... Night all....

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Ooooooh I was there last week to visit a friend who lives on a boat there!

i'm hungry now - tahnks James... roast beef sandwich n root beer.. gotta warm up the roast beef n melt the cheese though!

Happy to help :o)

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