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And now for the obligatory public segment. Let's see... Cinema was good, went with Laura, Jimbo and Sue. Saw Ocean's Eleven again, and it was still good.

Actually, you know what, I'm not feeling all that talkative (perhaps because I just wrote a big long thing, but you know...). I'm thinking of going out to the shop shortly, just to get in a few essentials (bread, cheese, that sort of thing). Alternatively, I think the ASDA (AKA Wal*Mart) at the marina is open at this time of night, and it's only a mile away. I don't know exactly where it is, but hey, that's half the fun. I'll go find myself some CDs, grab my discman, and go looking for it - it's by the sea, and so I should be fine for finding it.

Ooh, actually, looking at maps online, I think the Marina is just the other side of where the Concorde 2 (the club where I saw Dropkick Murphys) is. I can find that fine - just go along Madeira Drive until I reach it. Note to self - have to go east. Takes you near St James' Street (which is a dodgy area), but hey, I have an unreasonably low level of fear. I've wandered New York City at night with copious amounts of cash on me in the past, flown trans-Atlantic to meet a girl I'd never met before, and spent the night sleeping homeless in Penn Station - these are not the actions of a man with fear :o)

Right, I'm on a mission. A shopping mission. Back later :o)

Update: It's funny to go into Jimbo's room at 2:30am and ask if he wants anything from the supermarket. Anyhow, I'm gone :o)

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I like the song u were listenin' to hun. Good choice of music I'm proud of ya! muah!

What can I say, I love the Ataris :o)

I came across your journal from a test you had made....

Well, now that you know HOW I came across this journal, I just thought I'd tell ya to stop by my Opendiary sometime....
My user name is Always Dreamin.
My AIM name is FaithfulCrusader OR Sugagrrl18, I'm usually on FaithfulCrusader A LOT more than the other one though.
You seem like a cool guy, if you ever wanna chat just IM me, I'm ALWAYS on...or so it seems.

your test was cool, and you're hott.

Lol! I know St James Street too as I was walking up there last week. Of all the places in Brighton I visited that had the most weirdos/tramps/druggies/alcoholics although I did see a few in the lanes and round Churchill(?) Square as well. Maybe thats why I formed the opinion that I did of the place.

Yeah, it's not meant to be a nice place. The Lanes are really not so bad (well, during the day), because they're much more a touristy thing, and even though it's only February, we've still got lots of tourists. And Churchill Square is just far too mainstream for anything especially bad. However, the fact that I live in North Laine kinda lowers the tone of that place a little ;o)

I don't know where that is but I'm sure you justly do the place a disservice ... or something!

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