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My online test has had a lot of hits. 21500 unique hits, 41k hits in total... And, as a consequence, over the last 3 days, my journal has had 2000 hits. In the last week, I've used up over a quarter of my monthly bandwidth allowance, but presumably that'll start tailing off, as we'll soon get to the point where anybody who is going to take the test will have already done so....

I am less than nothing
Just a dream
But I like it that way
And I'm never waking up

There's so little left that nobody but me understands. I mean sure, the inner workings of my mind, perhaps, but I don't entirely get those myself, so it doesn't count. My life over the last couple of years has been played out or at least described in detail on my journal, most of which is in public, and can be read by anybody. I practically feel like I'm prostituting my entire life off to you bastards (by which I mean my general readership - deal with it). Not that I especially mind, but still, it's nice to have a few things that only I understand the real meaning of, and that I don't intend to explain.

Anyhow, with any luck I'm going to see Ocean's 11 tonight at the cinema, which should be great fun. More later...

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Oceans11 is a good movie u will enjoy it

I've seen it several times already - I've had it on Video CD for a while

i thought oceans eleven was so mediocre all the time.. well actually good, solid entertainment throughout the whole movie, but no real highlight. well good entertainment anyway, and i guess that's the most important part.

what the deal bout the thingy anyway, yo?

i think that was about my opinion on it... good movie.. but nothing really stuck out about it. i wouldn't mind seeing it again... but i wouldn't mind not seeing it again either. hehe

pros·ti·tute Pronunciation Key (prst-tt, -tyt)
One who solicits and accepts payment for sex acts.
One who sells one's abilities, talent, or name for an unworthy purpose.

tr.v. pros·ti·tut·ed, pros·ti·tut·ing, pros·ti·tutes
To offer (oneself or another) for sexual hire.
To sell (oneself or one's talent, for example) for an unworthy purpose.

I see nothing in your LJ entries which would lead me to believe you are prositituting your life to us so called bastards. I'm certainly not aware of any payment ever having been made.

Shh, just because you get it free, don't go telling the others ;o)

Your frikken Hott

Your test is frikken awsome. your pretty hot too.

TOD ( )- ~*~Missy~*~

Re: Your frikken Hott

Why thank you :o)

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