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What a scorcher, eh?
No, I don't mean outside. It's still pissing down. No, I do in fact mean in the flat. Finally, after ages of asking nicely, Joyce went to the porter's office and had a right old go at them. They've finally managed to turn the heating on in the flat now - hooray.

Speaking of the rain, let's talk for a bit about puddles. Never, and I want you to be quite clear about this, never slip over in a puddle. You get soaked to the skin, your clothes need immediate washing ASAP, and you look like a tit. Trust me on this one. Furthermore, try not to land on a combination of your thigh, your elbow, and your head. I now have serious pains in my arm, a lump on the back of my head, and a gash down my leg. None of these is fun. Grrr...

Let's now focus on good things. Ate Orange pepper last night. Far sweeter than the other types, and quite yummy really. Hooray. I shared around my chocolate oat slice stuff, and everybody seemed to really like it - Joyce asked for the recipe (a copy of which I obviously gave her), and people were generally very impressed. They were, of course, less impressed when I let it slip that I also had some when I first arrived there, and didn't share them. Oops ;o)

The journey home, eh? What a bleeding nightmare. I'm so not going home again, ever. Firstly, the train from Risborough to Marylebone was replaced by a coach, so the journey took significantly longer than I'd have liked. I then arrived at Marylebone to find that the Bakerloo line was closed, and thus I had no means of getting the hell out of there. I then decided to walk to Baker Street, which was fun, since I've not actually walked from one to t'other in quite a long time. Found it OK eventually, got on a variety of fun tube trains, and finally got myself to Victoria. Hooray. Got home at about 7pm, went out to use the computers, fell on my arse, had a shower, stayed up chatting until 4am, went to bed, got up at 11am, went to lectures, came to COGS computing labs, and here I am.

I'm sure there's much I should say here. But I don't think I'll go into it right now :o)

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Has your LJ photo been retouched? It looks odd.

I've certainly not done anything to it........ :o)

Must be my eyes.

"The journey home, eh? What a bleeding nightmare. I'm so not going home again, ever." - Now I could be flip and say "Promise?" or "Yippee" but I won't. It was nice to see you, even if you are now taller than me!!!!

It does seem as if the fates conspired against you, and let me publicly apologise for my response to your second voicemail, it did make me just a teensie weensie bit cross. On reflection I over-reacted, you were having a sh1t time of it. As I said elsewhere, next time we'll come to you and buy you a pizza. And the time after that will be when you come home for Xmas, assuming you do come home.......

Don't forget to contact your old boss about working over the Christmas break ££££££££££

Just to confirm that your charger is in the post and should be with you tomorrow (Tuesday), floods/Royal Mail permitting.

Erm ... I'm confused. It's tomorrow already?

Re: Tuesday? Confused????

You know, I keep checking that today really is Monday and that I'm not going mad.

I'm fairly certain that today is Monday, so tomorrow will be Tuesday. But only if this message is read today. Perhaps you have a future memory of reading this on Tuesday, hence the confusion. Does that help? Or have I really lost the plot this time?

Re: Tuesday? Confused???? I am....

Of course I should have said "future echo" not future memory. Oh well, into stasis for me....

Forgot to ask (there you go, a caring parent) - how are you feeling now? How did you manage to do it, where were you etc (now trying to act like a concerned parent). Is it bad enough to see the doc? Of course, I could just phone you and find out.....but all I get is your voicemail. Perhaps I'll try later. See, this is why it would be nice to know when you are in lectures, etc.

I'm fine... If it were bad enough to see a doctor, I'd be really screwed, since I'm still not registered... Oh well. My head has stopped hurting, my leg has stopped bleeding, but my elbow is still bad. But my elbow was always bad, so...

Not registered????????? Methinks that you should be, don't you?

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