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And now for something completely different...
Anyway, I've just been to Uni to hand in my work. Thomas hadn't handed his in yet, but I didn't see him there, so... Oh well, now that that's done, I have no more deadlines until Week 10, when I'll have two major coursework deadlines, plus I'm giving a seminar on noiseless coding. Yes, it is as much fun as it sounds, really it is. Anyhow, something that amused me:
But wait!! there's more!!

$40 value for the first 50 callers

US Robotics Axiomatic Omni Attachment that does absolutely everything. That's correct, you heard right, normally $40, free to the first 50 callers the Omni Attachment that does ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Are you sick of asking the wife to give you head and having her say "oohh ick! I am *not* doing that!" The Omni Attachment can save your marriage, *and* it gets in to those hard to reach places normal vacuum cleaner attachments simply don't reach!

I *KNOW*, that *IS* incredible value!

And who wouldn't want the Omni Attachment, in new space age two tone silver gray. Wow! Now how super cool does that look?

So call now and be sure to not miss out on this once in a lifetime offer!!!

Here's what you get. The US Robotics Axiomatic, the candle stick polisher, and the Omni Attachment all for the same low price you would normally pay for the US Robotics Axiomatic alone.

Not available in stores!!

30 day free home trial money back guarantee!

Hurry and pick up the phone!!!
On that note, I love Usenet. It gives me a chance to attention seek in a nice controlled way. None of this being inundated by lots of people malarky on that, and I can turn it off whenever I like :o)

P.S. David, I logged into your FTP, deleted the picture of me off your site, and replaced it with a better one. All I did was delete james.jpg and put a different one in its place - didn't touch your gooey HTML code :o)

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hehe, i've always loved those touge-and-cheek jokes... ;-)

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