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Anything but writing an essay ;o)

Name - James David Webley
Nicknames - Jamie, Jimbi, Jim
Birthday - December 1st
Age - 20
Astrological sign? - The archer dude ;o)
Chinese zodiac sign? - Wouldn't know
Location - Brighton, England
Sexual Preference - Mostly Straight
Marital Status - Single
Current Haircolor - Blonde with black roots
Eyecolor - They sparkle blue...
Parents still together? - Yes. This must be an American survey...
Siblings? - Ed (15) and Anna (who cares?)
Pets? - Alfred the Demon
In school/graduated? - Yeah, I'm done with high school
Rent, lease, or own your home? - Yes, I rent it
What do you do for work? - Research and development for a hi tech company
How much do you make? - About $1600 per month
What do you drive? - I don't

Black and White/Color - Black and white looks softer...
Black/White - Black
Red/Blue - Red
Dogs/Cats - Cats
Roses/Daisies - Neither personally
Beer/Liquor - Brandy, damnit :o)
Underwear/Thongs - What, on me? :o)
Hair: Short/Long - Wish I had longer hair..... :o)
Boots/Shoes - Who cares?
Food: Mexican/Italian - Neither
Dark/Light - Dark
Day/Night - Night
City/Country - City
Sheets: Solid/Animal Prints - Yay animal prints :o)
Sub/Dom - Depends on my mood

Color - This
Animal - Alfred
Vehicle - Anything will do
Flower - Nowt
Beer - Piss
Liquor - Brandy
Soda - Root beer
Food - Pizza? Ooh, I still have pizza... :o)
Book - Lord of the Rings
Author - Terry Practchett
Band - The Ataris, or most punk bands
CD - End Is Forever
Song - Can never settle on just one
Movie - Blade Runner
Director - David Fincher
Extracurricular Activity - sex0r?
Color your hair? - Looks that way
Have tattoos? - No thank you needles
Piercings? - Left ear, right eyebrow
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? - Neither

Have you...
Stolen anything? - Nothing important
Smoke? - No
Pot? - Yes
Crack? - No
Drink? - To excess, on occasion
Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? - I've been close, but I generally pass out before that point
Been so drunk you didn't care that you couldn't remember your name? - Yes. I'm even more apathetic when drunk
Posed for nude pics? - Quite a few, yes
Considered a life of crime? - No
Considered being a hooker? - Practically am these days, yeesh...
Maybe a pimp? - Um, no
Cheated on someone? - Not to my recollection
Been married? - No, but I've been engaged
Been divorced? - No

Are you psycho? - I have my moments
Split personalities? - To an extent
Schizophrenic? - No
Obsessive? - Not so much these days
Compulsive? - Nah
Obsessive Compulsive? - Nope
Panic? - Rarely, I'm one of the most calm people I know
Anxiety? - Occasionally
Depressed? - Perpetually
Suicidal? - I hope not
Homicidal? - A little
Genocidal? - Only if Stupid People count as a race...
Pedophile? - Um, no
Obsessed with hate? - No
Mutilate animals? - Not of late...
Idolize infamous criminals? - No

*Kissed someone: Yes
*Been in love: Yes
*Been so drunk you blacked out: Kinda, yeah...
*Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend: Not to my recollection
*Kept a secret from everyone: But of course
*Set a body part on fire: Um, no
*Had an imaginary friend: No
*Called or seen a psychic: No
*Ever cried at a chick flick: Too many times
*Had a crush on a teacher: Nope
*Found a cartoon character attractive: Sure
*Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the block tape: God no
*Watched Punky Brewster: What?
*Prank called someone: Yes
*Eaten a whole box of cookies and thought you were fat after: Never
*Been on stage: Yes
*Gotten in a car accident: Yes

*Wear eye shadow: No
*Have a dog: No
*Want a tattoo, and where: No
*Have any regrets: No
*Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No
*Crush: *cough*Laura*cough* - cinema tonight, woo :o)
*Do you have a best friend: Yes
*Who do you go to for advice: David
*Who knows all your secrets?: David
*Who do you cry with: Nobody

*God/Devil: The former, in plural
*Yourself: Too much :o)
*Your friends: Yes
*Aliens: No
*Love: Above all things, I believe in love
*The Closet Monster: Used to a little...
*One person for everyone?: Not so much, no...

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Why must that be an american survey if it asked if your parents are still together?

Mostly because I barely know any English people whose parents aren't together, and barely any Americans whose parents are... Just one of those statistical things.

Re: Why?

Your a cutie! *hehe* Okay, Imma go now cuz I feel a lil' bit dumb..erg..yah..ok..

(Deleted comment)
I dunno, the girls around here seem pretty insistent :o)

found something funny

Heeh.. you put on the tattoos thing "no needles thank you", yet you have piercings and what-not.. just found that funny. . . i found your digridoo through somebody that took some quiz or another at TOD, so. . . yeah. . .


Hey, i dunno how i got here but i did, i think it was through sum test thingy. Anyhow nice pic i agree, y dont u have a girlfriend??? Actually, just play the field. Have u got msn or aim or summit? Email me back at of course u dont have to if u dont want to
x x x

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