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Well, I still haven't started on my essay for tomorrow, but you know, I'm getting close to starting. So, today, what have I done? Well, you know, same as usual - nothing. I'm beginning to wonder whether I died and nobody told me, with the amount I'm getting done these days. Still, gives me time to relax and practice guitar and things, so it can't be that bad a thing.

I'm knackered, even though I did sleep in until 2pm... I'm tempted to go to bed now, but I want to have made a good start on my essay before I do. Anyhow, so I have actually done a few things today. I called Vicky to see how she was and stuff - we've decided to have dinner early next week sometime, and then have a night in with some wine and movies and stuff, which should be good. I miss talking to her - I used to just be able to bang on the wall and she'd come see me, or vice versa, but now she lives like a mile away, so it's a bit harder...

Note to self - Chris's birthday on Saturday. Not that there's much I can do about it, since I'm stuck here, but still - I must remember it :o)

Anyway, this evening Claire and I had Pizza Hut, which was nice. See, it's Buy One Get One Free with a Snapfax, so we each had a large pizza for £6.50 each. Not bad going - certainly cheap enough that I can afford it.

Blah. I want a girlfriend. And I want sex. In that order. But second best would more than suffice. Damnit.

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OMG! You acted like such a sweetheart wehn we chatted. But ur just another guy wanting sex! haha...

I'm messin' with ya hun. I mean it aint like every 20 year old guy aint thinkin' the same thing u are. Lubb ya!


Bah. Like I said, I'd rather have a girlfriend, so....

And like I said...I was just jokin' with ya! muah!

Yeah, I know :o)

i know he had me fooled


My names Jamie too. Hi. :)

- Jamie

Oh dear, have you tried sex with someone you love????!!!!

Do try to keep up Becca. Why would I be in love with anybody right now?

More to the point - have you? ;oP

A.have you not heard that reference as another way of saying 'wanking' but polity? shit spelling is awful I think.

B. Love is not soemthing I dabble in. oh no, not again. Anyway you are in Brighton!

A) Not phrased as clumsily as you just did, no :o)

B) Ha ha, you silly girl :o)

A. I am shit and you know it, but hell I am doing a degree in English, and I passed all my exams!

B. You love it!

A) Well done (although you are doing this degree in English in Swansea, so..... ;o)

B) Pfft, silence, bint.

A> Thank you, and don't you start. My degree will be worth it, you know I am thick. and as my Grandma said 'you are the 1st one to go to a foreign university!'

B. You still love it! I am now leaving the computer room, but don't get down about the girlfriend thing, they are expensive and too much hard work! i know iam one. and i'll sing moulin rouge song with you if you get despearte. Till next time dear friend, xxx

A) I know it'll be worth it, although I dunno what you'll actually do with that degree (but then, nor do I know what I'll do with mine, so...)

B) They are expensive, but always worth it. Perhaps even you ;o)

And singing? Bollocks to that - I've heard you sing, you've heard me sing, it's probably best that we never combine our evil ;o)

Blah. I want a girlfriend

I suppose that as a good South London, working-class parent I should offer to "fix you up". But being the ungrateful type you'd probably refuse my offer. So I shan't make it!

Don't admit the South London bit in public - it makes me half Saaaaf London as well :o)

Anyway, you don't know people in Brighton, and I'm trying my best to find somebody local, so.... :o)

and face it, that's probably your first step to becoming economically realistic ;o)

I dunno, right now, the first step is not having a girlfriend at all :o)

Uh oh James has shandy in his parentage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Careful, northerner, or I will summon an Army of Cockneys to come hurt you. And if that doesn't work, then I'll get my genuinely-from-London mate Jamie Oliver and his cheeky also-very-much-from-london-honest-guv mates to come see you :o)

Lol ... you would honestly force me to listen to that cockney w****r say "Pukka" over and over again!!!!!!!!!!?????

I'm hurt! ;0)

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