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Well, last night wasn't bad. Cost me about £12 in all, which is reasonably inexpensive for a night out where I get that drunk. I certainly have blurred memories, and I'm fairly sure that at one point, I was hallucinating. So, from the top...

About five minutes before I posted saying that I was going out, I had no idea that I was. But then suddenly everybody's plan to just stay in somehow turned into a plan to go out, and we were going to the Escape, or something. Anyhow, after a quick cup of Brandy here (cheaper to drink my own stuff than buy it at pubs, so it's good to get a head start just to make the rest of the night less expensive), we wandered down to Wetherspoons for drinks.

Anyway, after I'd had quite a good many drinks (more than I would usually have, and I'd not eaten since breakfast, yet I handled it quite well - I was impressed), we decided to wander down to the club. We tried to go along the sea front (which is the quickest way), but the wind was really strong (knocking people over type strong), and Jimbo and I feared for our hair styles.

So anyhow, a few shortcuts through alleyways later, and we arrived at the club. During this time, I'd also had the Sidekick that was in my pocket (it's a flavoured vodka shot type thing), and was way more drunk than usual. At this point it starts getting hazy. See, my memory tells me this:

Jimbo and I arrived at the club walking quite a long way ahead of the girls, because they're girls, and thus feel the need to walk slowly under all circumstances. Anyhow, we got to the door, greeted the bouncers, went to pay, and after Jimbo went in, I'm sure the girl who was taking the money said "So you two like it up the arse then?". Right now, it feels like a halucination, but then so does the whole arriving at the club period in my memory, and I know that it at least happened. Plus, as soon as she said that, I told Jimbo what she said, so it's not like a weird dream memory I've only just got this morning. So I guess I have to conclude that it really happened.

Damnit. When I'm on a mission to find girls, the last thing I want is for them to start thinking that I automatically won't be interested because I must be gay or something. Especially them thinking that I'm there with my boyfriend. I mean seriously, that's not going to get me anywhere with them. So perhaps I need to stop arriving at clubs with Jimbo. After all, with my hair as it is (and I gotta admit, it doesn't look as straight as it perhaps could), and with his generally pretty-boy looks, it might just be that we look way too gay together.

Anyhow, so, we're in the club, and Jimbo and I have stopped giving each other evil looks for what that person said (Which took a while). We then went out to dance, and look for hot girls. No offence to anybody here who on the random off-chance was actually in the Escape last night, but there were no hot girls in the whole damned place. There were some that looked quite nice, although we were both drunk so even those ones might have looked crap, but seriously, the whole place was just bad.

Add to that the fact that they played bad music all night, and you see why I didn't have so much fun. The high point was when they played Freelance Hellraiser - A Stroke of Genius. Especially since I was reasonably familiar with exactly how the song goes, whereas everybody else seemed not to understand what was going on. Low points of the evening involve coming on to lesbians (there's a losing battle if ever I saw one), and the general fact that I was very unsuccessful the whole time. But I don't care that much, for reasons I'll explain later....

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jimbo has straight hair.

i think your hair is mostly straight. ::nods::

well... it's too nice. hehehe.

Oh. Well, that I can live with ;o)

First of all ur hair does not look too "gay" and second ur very good looking so ifthe girls think that ur gay then forget about them and last u need to come to the US and u will find some pretty girls u can crash in my house u and jimbo are more than welcome too

The US is just a little far away... Anyhow, it doesn't matter how good looking a small group of people thinks I am, if nobody around here wants me :o\

aww just keep looking u r just too good looking for a girl not to notice

So it doesn't count that I think you're charming and handsome and cute and all that stuff?


Sexy, you always count, don't you forget it :o)

So, when am I gonna call you again then? :o)

Remind me again later :o)


dye your hair blue. go on. :)

But I like it blonde :o)

blue is good too though. ::nods::

by the way put me on ur friends list ok if thats all right with u

yeah, so your entries are really similar to me and my friends but you guys are from the old world. I like you brits, long live the queen.

Mate I gotta agree with you on this ... looking at that photo of your hair, coupled with the fact that you are in Brighton hardly reknowned for its population of straight people ... I would jump to the same conclusion - I just wouldn't voice it!

Obviously we're talking stereotypical and obvious gayness here!

To be fair, I'd probably think the same, so....

The point is, how do I fix that without making myself look crap? Because I like how I look now :o)

ur sexyyyyyyyy

i dont know u, but ur really hot :). my journal is if u wanna go

Ick, Deadjournal. Why don't you have a LJ account? They're much nicer ;o)

oooh f0x3h m4n, f0x3h m4n!!1

I r teh random l33t girlie who fancehs j00, you are so darn hot is it ok if you ad me to j0r jurnal plsthx bye.

Oh, and yes, in all honesty you need to do something so you don't look so blatently gay.

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