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Right, that does it.
I'm leaving. Yes, I'm going home...
But only for the weekend. Yes, it's Becca's birthday, so I'm off home to help her celebrate it (since the poor lass can hardly be expected to manage that by herself now, can she? ;o)

Um, not much to say, to be honest. Watched TV, ate food, went to bed last night. Nothing too exotic at all. Got woken up at 1am by Alex wanting to use my Printer. Ho hum. Finally got back to bed, slept, got up, came to seminar, came to computer labs, will go to workshop, will go home thus bunking a lecture that I can't be arsed with because it's pointless and late in the afternoon. There we go.

Anyway, as specified previously, I don't have much to really say here. I've planned out my route, got some times and such... I must say, I prefer my return trip - I'll be leaving on Sunday at about mid-day, and stopping off at Oxford Street. Just for a wander, you know... It's been a while since I've (intentionally) walked down there. I have, of course, done so accidentally, when trying to find the location of the Everclear concert, but that didn't count. Anyway...

So, when I get home, I'll update from there, assuming they've not destroyed my computer completely. Must remember to turn my PC off when I go home, and leave everything in a fit state to come back to. This weekend, myself, Alex, James, Ebs, Mice and Tolis will all be away, at least for Saturday. It'll be very quiet for the others, I think... Oh well, tough sh*t :o)

More later, when I'm relaxing at home, getting a haircut, a bath, and a real meal for once :o)

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EEK! - he's coming home!!!

"I'm leaving. Yes, I'm going home..."

Words to strike terror into one's heart (only joking - it will be nice to see you. When are you going back to Brighton?)

"assuming they've not destroyed my computer completely"

Of course not, after all your computer is in your room on campus. Our two PCs are working fine, well sort of. You'll find out!

Did u have a good weekend then? worth the hassle of getting home?

Re: Got me a journal

Not especially worth all the hassle, no... Oh well...

Re: Got me a journal

Oh well, we'll come to you next time, possibly go out for a pizza?

BTW your charger was posted 1st class today.

Re: Got me a journal

Pizza sounds very good indeed :o)

Thanks for the charger - Alex (who also has a 3210 phone) left hers at home too, so we're both stuck :o)

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