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I've been dancing. Sometimes I just can't help myself - I stick my VCD of Moulin Rouge on, and fast forward to the songs I like, and just sing and dance along. I'm getting not completely bad at it... Well, the dancing, anyway. I'm still shite at singing, as per. I have some samples of it in MP3 format on my hard disk, but I somehow doubt that anybody wants me to upload them, so I shan't :o)

Right now, you know what I want more than anything else? Somebody to sing with. Stuff like the Elephant Love Medley, or Come What May - I just want somebody to sing and dance with. They're songs that shouldn't be sung alone.... But since that's not looking likely right now, I guess I'm stuck with prancing around my room like a fool :o)

My shower was fun. Not in that way. I learned some funny physics things. Like, when there was water running down my chest and stomach, if I moved my hand upwards across them just right, the water kinda made a cushion thing, and it was just really weird - hovercraft style stuff (although working on different principles). I can suddenly see how cars can spin out on puddles and stuff (hydroplaning or something?). Anyhow, yeah, so learning physics in the shower is one way of passing the time I guess :o)

I've got an assignment to do for Natural Language Processing (due on Thursday), so I might take the whole day off to work on it. I got my last one back - I was one mark off a First, which is good. Which means if I get one mark over a First on this one, then I have an average that gives me the top grade. That's something of an improvement on last term - things are looking up :o)

It's so funny watching Neighbours - the kids are all going to a rave, which is apparently meant to be an all night dance party for 14 year olds or something like that. Very different to my understanding of them, but there we go.... And then a minute ago, Joe made a reference to "that generation gappy thingie" - I'm sure it's a cloaked Zim reference. Still, the whole show is continuing the downward spiral it's been on for ages, and it's bordering on the ridiculous. The only reason I still watch it is because I'm our house's resident soap guru :o)

Anyhow, 'tis lunch time. And I should really start doing this work..... :o)

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aquaplaining ::nods::

damnit i learn so much from F1

Although I hate neighbours, I am guilty of sitting and watching an entire episode the other day. I would have done something about it if I'd realised what I was watching, but I was damn near comotose at the time. Afterward I had to ram my head into a brick wall repeatedly until the memories of the show had at least dulled into a collage of distressing images and horrible twangy voices.

im just laughing at what u wrote thats all it was very interesting

Oh, okay, fair enough :o)



Nothing wrong with that

Just wanted to say there's nothing wrong with Moulin Rouge. Saw it for the first time the other day and I'm singing the whole bloody thing ever since. Hope it stays all good with you.

P.S.-I can't sing a lick either-no worries.

Re: Nothing wrong with that

Yeah, the soundtrack CD is probably my most listened to CD and has been for a month now... The singing is fine, but when I'm leaping around my room, spinning around, doing all manner of bad dancing to it, that's when it starts getting a little dodgy :o)

Re: Nothing wrong with that

Why thanks for replying. And I don't keep a livejournal. But my friends do! hee hee hee. So I come and read yours, because you are much more interesting. So I just saw Moulin Rouge for the first time. And I loved it. It is addicting. Nothing wrong with singing and dancing. No matter how dodgy you think it gets. :)

ahhh... there's nothing quite like contemplating all the deep aspects of life in the shower. i learn quite a bit in there myself ;-)
Anyway, I like your "what rating are u?" quiz... i go nc-17 (always thought i was the innocent type). IM me sometime... baby2bleu and babyblueinsomnia are my screennames.

The shower is certainly a time for.. uh... contemplation... :o)

Anyhow, you're on my AIM list now, so I'll look out for you :o)

Hey Hun

well if you ever want to chat with me on aol..mine sn is mlm512..I'd just like 2 say I love singing and dancing..and the fact that you well sing and dance is awesome!! ttyl
Love ya

Duly added...

Re: Hey Hun

thanks 8-)

Moulin Rouge...... Addictive?!

I have to say that ever since I saw that movie I have also been singing the songs constantly, Elephant Love Medly and Sparkling Diamonds would have to be my favorites. It was definetly a quality movie. Its really interesting the things people do to amuse themselfs in the shower.... :)

Re: Moulin Rouge...... Addictive?!

Yeah, I just love that movie so much...

Hey, showers are boring sometimes - anything I can do to make them more fun is a good thing ;o)

By the way, I see your userpic is of GIR - can I just say what good taste in cartoons you have - I love Invader Zim :o)

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