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Well, my attempt to get up in time to go to my Computer Vision lecture has sort of fallen down. I woke up at 11am, although between you and me, I can't remember going to bed. All I know is that I woke up naked, my computer was (uncharacteristically) off, and my clothes were in their usual pile at the foot of my bed. So I know I put myself to bed, I just can't actually remember doing it. I must've been tired...

But anyway, waking up bang on time (which was cool), I got all my stuff together, only to find out that somebody was in the shower. They've just this minute gotten out, and since my lecture starts at 12:30pm, I'll never make it, so I won't even bother trying. The shower alone will take me until that time. I'd have gone in without a shower, but I did all my laundry yesterday, and I refuse to put clean clothes on if I've not showered. It's just a waste.

Anyhow, since the shower is now free, I think I might go grab it before somebody else steals it... It's a hard life :o)

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its me nikki...

omg u woke up naked...*screams*...and i missed it...i would have died to see u u sleep naked everynight?!?!?!!? well i didnt catch u on aim today...sorry...its hard sometimes...maybe -hopefully- ill get to talk to u soon...until then *kisses* luv ya and bai...

Re: its me nikki...

Of course I woke up naked, I always wake up naked... But there's no need to die for it - I get naked for far less than martyrdom, don't worry ;o)

Anyhow, hope to catch you online soon :o)

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