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Thought it was time for a change...

Met Rachel and Miri today. It was... uh... interesting... :o)

And I just got confirmation that I'm working five weeks at Easter. This calls for some form of inexpensive celebration :o)

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interesting? hehehe

but oooooooooooooh your quiz is on the labrats lj community

Yes, interesting :o)

So I see - I love my test. I'm going to make a new one soon :o)

hehe. only interesting? weren't we utterly looney bonkers?
muah ha ha ha

make new test. ::nods:: or i shall poke you with imaginary sticks. :)

mmm ok all i can say is yum

k bye


Well in that case, I guess all I can say is thanks :o)

i dont know you... but you're hot! :)

Yup. Took your test, and I'm banned. Aren't I dirty? ^_~ Anyway, you're a pretty interesting kid. Just thought I'd let you know. ::lick:: Later.

Banned is by far the best answer though ;o)


LOL You're really hot!! later babez

Well thank you :o)

Ok, I have to go with what everyone else has said.
Jeez you are sexy.

I'll go with what I said to everyone else, and hope it doesn't sound too stupid or something.



So whats ur status hun?

Aside from "alive", you mean?

yes lol..but while I was waiting for answer I looked at your user profile and found out my answer lol..*single*


Anyways.. Your sexy!! I'd have to say that one.. I found your site on TOD because they had the movie rating deal.. I was R.. teehehehe!! anyways your sexy!

visit my TOD diary if you want

joshs lil biker babe

Well thanks for saying so :o)

hi i'm part of
user name: ~*tina*~
n e way, i was wondering if:
1) ur gay?
2) do u hav that quiz every1'z sayin u have wit the wat'z ur movie rating thing?
write bak in my OD if u can
by the way, ur hott

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