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I miss being naked
Disregard the subject of this post, it's quite clearly a thinly veiled attempt at increasing my ratings. I just thought I'd start out on a random tangent, and maybe start making sense by the time I get to the end of this, rather than it always being the other way around. Well, you know, it might work.... So anyway, here's where things are lately...

First off, because this is always an interesting topic of conversation, despite what you may have been told, the weather. No, really. The weather right now is really rather nice. By "right now", I obviously mean "several hours ago" - the weather right this minute is cold, dark, and has all the characteristics of being night time (which it practically is). But today, it was great weather - heck, there were people wearing t-shirts and stuff. I was one of them, but there were others. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the air was reasonably warm. All this in the middle of February - I love living in Brighton :o)

And over the summer, this place is going to be excellent. I'll hopefully be working for three months straight, so I'll need something to take my mind off that, and weekends down by the sea in my house (assuming we keep it on for another year) will be a great way to do that. Come summer, everybody is invited down for parties and stuff. Come down on the Saturday, have a massive party that night, spanning my house, the beach, various pubs and clubs... Then everybody can help me clear up on Sunday, and then sod off back home. Seriously, it's going to be the coolest place ever :o)

Anyhow, right now, everybody is out, so I have the house to myself. Aside from the obligatory "Ooh, I can walk around naked now" realisation, it's also rather nice to have the place to myself for a while. Sometimes people get too much, and it's nice to be alone in your own living room for a while (I mean, I can be alone in my room, but I'd rather not restrict myself to that). Anyway, Harry and Alex are at the cinema, Jimbo is at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, and Claire is at home or something. Please excuse me while I strip down to my boxers and hang out in the living room or something....

University stuff is going well, by the way. Sort of. Truth be told, I've not been to much lately at all, but that's changing tomorrow - I'll make it in for my first lecture (at 12:30pm) easily, and then be there until about 6pm. Have to pick up my essay result (if it's ready), get details of my Natural Language Processing assignment (it's an essay as far as I can tell, on grammar - I think I can probably manage that with a bit of research), that sort of thing. I'm trying to remember what actual lectures I have tomorrow - I think it's just maths ones though. With only four weeks left of term, there's little point in me memorising them at this point - easier to just remember what time I have to arrive on campus each day, and work it out when I get there.

Money-wise, things are picking up. I now have the £100 (about $135) that I owe Claire. I dunno how I manage to work up these debts.... Well, actually, I do - gas bill, phone bill, electricity bill, money I borrowed one time for going out... Still, I have her money in cash right now, so she'll be happy when she gets back here. All this money, of course, has come from my parents, who have been kind enough to help me out here. I still maintain that I'm not screwing up too badly. For starters, I barely know anybody who pays for living expenses and rent - most of them have their parents pay their rent, or their parents contribute to their living expenses and stuff. Of course, my parents are doing that right now - I just maintain that the fact they're doing that doesn't reflect quite so badly on my money managing abilities (which are certainly improving).

Anyhow, lately I've been spending lots of money on going out with friends, and not much money on ordering DVDs off the Internet - that must be a good thing. Certainly helps my overall level of happiness, I know that much. I've also sent my cheque off to BT. They got their solicitors to write me a snotty letter asking for the money I owe them, or else they'll take me to court. The arrival of the solicitors letter, incidentally, coincided with the arrival of the first correct bill from BT. They billed me for more line rental than I owed, so I didn't pay them. The first accurate bill they've sent (and therefore the first one I'm willing to pay) came at the same time as the solicitors letter. Still, the money is sent, so hopefully they'll naff off now.

Right, well, I've finished making CDs for Vicky and Laura, and decorating the cases appropriately (nothing too fancy, but there you go...). It'd be cool to be able to make labels for CDs, and print the case covers properly, but short of printing them onto regular paper and cutting them out, I dunno how I'd do that, so I guess it's a lost cause. But I bet I could come up with some killer designs, given a few minutes...

Anyway, I'm rambling - never a good thing. Time to go do stuff....

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nice, jessica

<marquee>hey there</marquee>

I wouldn't mind seeing you naked. ;) lol. sorry just found ur journal randomly through one of your quizzes. at my diary is wicked-alive if you ever get REALLy bored. =)
luv'n'stuff - kateri

Whats Wrong With Being Naked?

Everybody sees each other naked sometimes. so what is wrong? People are just being stupid. Im going to start walking naked this weekend, it feeels great! Try it.

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