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Hmm... This morning, I think I suffered from a mild localised form of sleep paralysis. For those that don't know what it is, it's where you wake up but have no control over your body - i.e., your body is still asleep, but you're conscious and immobile. Anyway...

So I woke up this morning, tried to get up, but couldn't, because I couldn't move my left hand. So I (obviously) used my other arm to get up, and tried moving my left arm again. I could bend it at the elbow, but I couldn't move my fingers or thumb at all. As in, like, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do a damned thing. At first I thought I might have somehow locked it up or something, but I tried moving my left hand's fingers and thumb with my right hand, and I could do it fine. I just couldn't move them on their own. After a couple of minutes (in which I was kinda seriously panicking), eventually feeling came back, with a sudden rush of acute pins and needles all through my arm.

Really wasn't pleasant at all, that... :o\

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r.e. not able to move your left arm, i had the same problem before... it's because you've blocked the blood flow to your arm, thus it was 'dead' for a while.

I hate it when the blood flow came back, where you get the pins effects, so painful.

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