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Oh well...
That didn't last long. Halfway through the workshop, and I've finished. The work sheet says "You probably won't have time to solve all the systems below during the lab session"... Ha! I'm now sat at the back of the room (best place to be for updating my journal during lesson), messing about. Time for some complex matrices, I think... Never tried those before :o)

OK, so those were fun. Choosing some random complex numbers and fiddling with a matrix containing them. Hooray. Got some odd answers, but then I suppose linear arrays give odd answers when you just make up all the elements off the top of your head... Oh well. Hey! I wonder what the inverse of that matrix is.....

Um, OK, that one was just weird. Didn't like it at all... Goodness, it's so windy outside. I mean really windy, as in you can feel it inside the building. That's very windy indeedy. But not as bad as the hail last night. Talking to the others, James and Vicky were also woken up by it - pretty impressive, really. Vicky said she was so worried she was close to going and asking somebody if she could sleep in their room. Naturally, I let her know that my door is always open, and I'm right next to her room, so it's not too far. Something tells me that won't work, but heck, always worth a shot, eh? :o)

Right now, I dunno what to do. Do I stay in the computer labs, then walk back to the flat with Claire and Mice at 6pm, or do I just go back at 5pm when this finishes... Oh, what to do, what to do.... If I can find something to occupy myself, I may stay. Otherwise, that'll be it for the night, I think... Ho hum :o)

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the enigma of james

As one of JAMES's longest serving friends I feel I should tell you that he has never ever eaten vegtables in his life before uni, the alcohol has gone to his brain. He is not called jim but JAMES or WEBLEY, and you know he'll kill me for this as i am seeing him for my birthday this weekend. He may be a foot taller than me but i am older and female so better!!!! Teehee, Becca.

Re: the enigma of james

I'll have you know that up until the age of 5, I did in fact eat many vegetables. You are wrong.

Anyhow, just you wait until Saturday.... :o)

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