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Manchester Pictures

David, wearing his cute little bracelet and giving me a dirty look

David reacts to being told he looks gay

Jude, and a very scary looking Gaz

You can't see it well, but it says "Jude" on my hand, for that
was my name when we were playing laser quest...

David peeks out from behind Gaz

Don't you think that Jude's Hello Kitty bag suited me so well?

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aw good photos. & it does suit you! david should start wearing more bracelets and necklaces, and you should become a hello kitty fan if your not already!

woo you should use a hello litty back pack everyday!

Damn, David looks hot in those pictures... :P

And not in any way gay ;o)

David should get a wrist thing like mine with 3 inch spikes ;) Good protection!

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