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Just been through my journal making it as Jimbo-safe as I can. By that, I mean mostly just checking that there aren't too many references to things in my house that he doesn't know about. I can't think of any that there really could be, but I wanted to make sure. He expressed interest in reading this thing a while back, so if he asks, I'll just give him the URL. Anyhow, it's time to update about last night... soon... :o)

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oooh. say hi from me. hehehe

[The-Ataris - Between You And Me]

that is one of the best songs...EVER! hehe...hi.

Yeah, it's not bad. Lyrically it's pretty damned good, although guitar-wise The Ataris have done better.

And, uh, hi :o)

The acoustic version is brilliant because no one pays much attention to guitar when it's acoustic, so there's more emphasis on the lyrics.

You didn't make this post friends only, so he'll be able to see that you've hidden stuff from him ;-)

That's fine enough - we both know that we have secrets from each other and stuff - the important thing is that I'm not telling any of them on this thing :o)

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