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Wow, I found them at last...
Yes, despite attempts by the university to hide them from me, I have finally found where they keep their polos. They don't sell them in the student union shop (the cads!), but I found them in the shop inside Bramber House, tucked away somewhere. Yummy, first time I've eaten polos in about a month.

Let's review today, so far. Well, I've done "stuff". This includes, but is in no way limited to:
Attending my AI lecture
Printing off the paper I need for my assessment
Attending my Maths Methods lecture
Eating a very hurried lunch
Attending my Intro to Programming lecture
Doing some Java

Yay for Java, I have to say. I'm really enjoying the course we're doing right now - the exercise sheet we're doing this week is to get us really used to classes, and using them properly. We have to make a Can-Of-Coke class, which will hold instance variables describing how much coke is left, and whether the can is open or not. It then includes methods to open the can, and to take a sip from it. It also includes boolean calls to test whether the can is open, whether it still contains coke etc. We then make another class which models a vending machine, which then dispenses instances of these cans of coke, exchanging them for money inserted. A third class then deals with the contents of the machine with regard to how much money and cans are in there (technically, he only really wants us to do that for the money, but I want to be inventive and add control for the coke too, having a method for refilling, with arguments to state how many cans are added). It's all rather neat, really, and importantly it's fun to do. That's very important. I've made a quick start, but haven't put anything onto a computer yet - I'll go off to Cogs tomorrow when I hand in my AI assessment, and do some stuff then. Hooray.

Hmm... Still 20 minutes before my next workshop, which is on using the computers. I think it's pretty much on how one can use Microsoft Word to make mathematical documents, with correct formatting et al - that ought to be useful, by way of a direct contrast with most of the computing courses people have been doing lately... Plus, last week I finished within 15 minutes, thus impressing the person taking the course, who had to help everybody through even the early stages. It was actually rather easy, and I spent the rest of my time playing with its ability to evaluate complex expressions such as (e^(i*pi)), and he knew that was what I was doing. This was good - good impressions are nice.

I just spent a highly interesting few minutes just now, playing with hotmail. Specifically, ad banners. I kept swapping through my folders, to change what banner appeared. God, how fun my life is...... Time for me to run off to my workshop now. More later, if you're all very very lucky :o)

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Surely you need to define such variables as slurp & gulp in addition to sip. Possibly a guzzle wouldn't be inappropriate.

I think I shall just have a consume() method in the class, and have an argument for how many sips are consumed....

Sorry old chap but the expression (e^(i*pi)) has a flaw. It has come to my attention, and as a maths student you really ought to have known this, that pi no longer exists as 3.14etc. According to the World Health Organisation it was a danger to little children's health trying to understand such a difficult number. So they netted it down to 3 so ........

WHO net all the pi

Sorry couldn't help myself, sorry. I'll go and take a cold shower or something. Gosh I almost feel ashamed at such a crap pun. But then I remembered - I have no scruples so I am proud of it. And the pun. Damn, that wasn't expected. It seems that my fingers have retreated into some kind of dodgy humour world. Oh look it's late and us non-student types need to go to bed. Not only that but as it's nearly midnight it means that the free calls are about to end & I don't see why I should pay to post this rubbish!


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