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I am now designated mhm33x18 - few will know what it means, but there we go... I collect mhm's - I have about three, but I lost the others in various card games and hooker bills... This one I'm keeping, since it took a certain lunatic constructor of headware about three months to respond to my application via the wisdom method. This is going to make sense to so few of you, I can already see :o)

My train leaves in about an hour and a half - just enough time for me to have a shower, drink lots of fluids (I've got Claire's cold coming on, which made its presence known just as I was going to bed last night by way of an icky feeling - just at the wrong time, really, although it gives me a funny gravel type voice, so...), and make sure I've packed everything I want to take. Bet I missed something vital.

So anyway, this is likely the last time you'll hear from me until Monday evening or thereabouts, but do not panic, I'm sure I'll be safe and well in this scary relatively-offline world that I am going to. I may update from David's just to hurl random abuse at him if I think to do it, but I may forget.

Now, to steal the shower from Jimbo......

Update: Got my ticket, and now I'm off...

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Some of us gained one with style and grace, and without all that jumping through administrative hoops.


Yes. And got yours rather quicker than me.... But then, this is my third or fourth, so... :o)

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