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Still not dead
It's now over 12 hours since I ate vegetables, and I'm still very much alive. I think a round of applause is in order, for both myself (the brave adventurer) and Mice (the person who managed to get me to eat vegetables, which not even Karen achieved (because she was crap)). Thank you, that was the most sarcastic applause ever... Ho hum.

Right, so anyway, the weather, eh? What's that all about? I was woken up at 6:30am by hail streaming right into my window at an alarming volume, which also woke up Mice, and probably some of the others. It was rather bad. I'm glad I woke up though - it gave me the chance to sort myself out, what with the fact that I was sleeping upside down in bed for some reason. Oops...

Watched the last half hour of Scream last night in Vicky's room with the others - tame as ever, but James had never seen it, so he was trying to guess who it was every 5 seconds - very amusing indeed. I then went back to my room, and watched an episode of Dawson's Creek - now that was actually scary at one point. But not scary in a makes-you-jump way, just in a shivers-down-your-spine way. Oh well... It's all good...

Um, on the basis that since my last update, I've only been awake for four hours, and most of that was either being in bed, or doing work for workshops today, I haven't much to say. Today consists of the following:

11:30 - AI lecture
12:30 - Maths lecture
14:00 - Programming Lecture
16:00 - Computing Workshop

Each lasts fifty minutes, making a grand total of three hours and twenty minutes of work. That's a lot, let me tell you (well, compared to my other days). Then tomorrow I have an assignment on AI due in, so I shall have to be working on that quite a bit tonight - oh the humanity... It's due at 4pm tomorrow, so I'm thinking that I'll do the first 60% tonight (the multiple choice part), followed by the other 40% tomorrow (fitting statements into categories, and talking briefly about how plausible AI is in the grand scheme of things). And yes, I have had this assignment hanging over me for weeks - and yes, it's only now I'm doing it. Bite me :o)

Here's a funny thought, which I just want to share with you. I am currently one third of my way through the first term already, and in fact am 12% through the entire first year. Like, oh my God. That is just so totally groovy - not long to go now, eh? Plus, so long as Connex resume their service, I'm going home this weekend. Hooray. Friday night, I should be travelling back to my house, to arrive sometime around 7pm, or thereabouts. Yay for home, and cooked meals, and my cat :o)

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What makes you think that she is your cat?

Surely you aren't under the impression that she's yours....

My cat? Don't be silly! But I had a word with her, and as you know she understands everything I say, and she thought that you were hers...

PS truth is that Mum thinks she is her cat - deluded fool!!!

We must inform her immediately of her error! :o)

Which "her"? The cat or your mother?

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