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Look at you! You've gone too far! You're a hideous blob of stolen organs!
I must possess the secret prize! GIVE TO ZIM!!

... and such plentiful organs ...

This pisses me off. I bet I'll have to pay a bomb to get Hot Topic to ship that stuff over to the UK, and I was only in the store 6 weeks ago, buying stuff. They probably had both those things there, and I just didn't think to get them... Oh well....

Zim: Say, you're full of organs, aren't you?
Hall Monitor: Why yes. Yes I am.
Dib: Uh, Ms Bitters, I think a pencil is lodged in my brain. Can I go to the nurse?
Ms Bitters: How far in your brain?
Dib: Pretty far...

I saw that episode in America over the summer, and when I downloaded it the other week, I could still remember exactly how they said things, to the point where I could say it along in time, and with the right tone of voice, after having not seen it for 6 months. Not bad... I love Invader Zim :o)

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Hot Topic charged us about $70 delivery, and then we got charged £40 on the door for import charges for the following:

1 pair of trousers
1 Punisher long-sleeved shirt
1 Iron-on patch
5 Flavoured Lip Glosses
1 Skirt type thing.


Yes, after looking at the site, I have since decided to obtain my goods using other methods :o)

I'm thinking a trip to america with like 2grand of spending money might be in order in the future.

Although where I'll get that money I don't know!

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