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Yay, I'm clean shaven for the first time since I got back from America - see, once I got back to this country, I just stopped shaving, for no apparent reason. Well, actually, the reason is that when I came back to Uni I left my shaving gel at home, and so I was shaving with just water. And seriously, you simply cannot get rid of a 1cm long bad-goatee-type-thing without using lots of foam and stuff, so...

But anyhow, I stole some of Jimbo's shaving foam (at least, I hope it was Jimbo's), so now I have a nice smooth chin for the first time in over a month. Which in my sad little universe is cause for celebration. Any excuse... I've got the money out that I'll be wanting for Manchester. There's a lot of it.... I am anticipating lots of expensive fun (no, I'm not going to buy hookers)

Speaking of Manchester, I've spent rather a lot of today picking out outfits. I mean seriously, it took me over half an hour to work out what I'm gonna wear, and in the end, it's only two complete outfits really anyway. I must be turning into a girl. Anyhow, I settled for my two favourite outfits - my blue jeans, t-shirt, plaid shirt one, and the very much black outfit that I use for going out.

Drik accused me and David of looking alike. He must die. The only time we've ever looked alike is in this picture, and that's only because you can't tell whose hair is whose ;o)

Ho hum.....

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i find that picture disturbing!


(Deleted comment)
bad picture, bad lighting, inaccurate representation :o)

(Deleted comment)
This from the guy who gets cyberjiggy with my sister - of all the icky people in the world, you two had to find each other...

YAY! I'm gonna be sick!!
::projectile vomits::

You always hide behind that ;o)

well i thought it was a mirror at first. then i read and looked closely.

ho hum indeed.

you can tell the difference once you realise they are different. it's just getting over the idea. like SEP fields. ::nods::

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