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They've all gone away again...
David, Dan and Mike have all left again. Ho hum... Some interesting points - David snores very loudly, all night. Certain girls (whose names I shan't mention because he'll get cross) should be warned about this, I think. I have to apologise now for any mistakes I make - the screen on this PC is unbearably blurred, and I'm having to just guess which the hell letters I'm typing. Such is the pain of going to the nearby computer lab (although the distant one would require a long walk in the rain - not fun)...

Right, so anyway... Noteworthy things... Well, we went out to the Grapevine last night - it was good, and we all got reasonably full of alcohol. We then went to a "party" in Brightelm, but it sucked very much, so we came home again. Mike kept on about going out to find a 24 hour off license on campus (in a similar fashion to when he kept on about going to Alton Towers), but we shut him up by sending him off with the others to a club. It was closed, so he came back, but the walk probably did him some good, what with sobering him up...

Yesterday, the most fun thing we did was probably going into Brighton. This was largely due to the fact that we went to Ann Summers, with the intention of buying some whips and handcuffs and such (my flatmates and me, not my for use by myself and my friends together or anything). We got a nice Indiana Jones style whip, and a small pair of handcuffs. Although I modelled a collar and leash for Vicky, she decided not to buy it - shame ;o)

Anyhow, they found handcuffs in another shop, but that was after we left to try and find the Nova. Took a while, I can tell you... Finally got back to the campus, and had some food, or something. I forget the exact sequence of events, to be fair... Oh, I just have to tell you this joke. It's kinda sick, but heck, it had Dan and myself in stitches at the time:

Mike: *jabbering on about games involving a lot of guys, and a biscuit - if you don't know, don't ask*
Dan: Look, they don't play that at home, OK?
Mike: No, it's only up north
David: They don't play it in Manchester
Mike: Newcastle then
James: Oh yea, I can just see it on Biker Grove...
Dan: "Spuggy, no man!!"
James: "Duncan! Me eyes!!"

Sorry, had to be said - that was one of the funniest dialogues I've heard in a long time, and it had nothing to do with the alcohol...

Anyhow, Mice had her flying test cancelled again, so she's going up once more next weekend, while I'm at home. Hopefully, this time it'll actually take place, eh... She got back today at about 5:30pm, and I woke up at 6:30pm to her knocking on my door, in an attempt to get away from that Greek asshole... Ho hum... We then went back out, and she cooked me a meal - lots of yummy vegetables in it. Mmm... Anybody who really knows me will understand the significance of that... Anyhow, I ate it, along with other stuff..... Ho hum... The whole thing was by way of me apologising for something or other - I told her that if she forgave me, then I'd let her cook me vegetables. Since she actually knew how much that really means to me, she accepted that. Yay :o)

Anyhow, Harry is moaning on at me - she wants to phone "Sexy Ken" before he goes to bed, so we're going to have to leave the computer lab. Just as well - I'm getting a headache off this stupidly blurred screen. Grrr! As soon as I remember to, I'll bung the webcam photos from yesterday onto a disk, and upload them. Then you can all have a laugh.

Until next time......


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