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Hmm, I have a coursework deadline for tomorrow - I have to build up a series of image processing convolutions in order to identify the different parts of the human brain from an image of it. Finding some way of isolating the cerebral cortext (or summat), a way of isolating the skull, those sorts of things. But they have to be reasonably general methods, since the input image we're practicing on won't be the same as the one that the procedure is tested on by the teachers...

Ooh, there was a Ford Taurus on Diagnosis Murder (but I managed to resist the temptation to shout "cousin!" - you probably won't get it though)... I miss US cars :o)

Hmm, so, tomorrow is Finish Coursework Day, and then after that, I get to leave this stupid house for a long weekend... Which will be nice, since there are some people who are really irritating the fuck out of me, and I don't much fancy being around them right now.

Anyhow, time to waste my afternoon watching Invader Zim :o)


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