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And for some actual details...
The 2002 Manchester meeting of the David and James Old Ladies Society is taking place this weekend. We're looking for volunteers to venture outdoors with us, and accompany us to the local taverns, where much intoxicating liquid will be consumed.

Yes, that's right, I'm off up to Manchester for a bit, and everybody is invited. Current plans are for me to arrive there at about 3:35pm on Friday 8th, and for those present to then just wander around town for a bit, as you do... Then its back to David's, but none of you are invited there - we need our alone time, to talk about the rest of you and stuff ;o)

Plan for Saturday - the main event, as it were. Looking like getting into Manchester at about 3pm or so, wandering around, perhaps getting a few drinks, then going around to Ste's for a while. After much amusement there, no doubt (and apparently they've got a Game Cube - yay), we'll then be going out drinking some more I expect, and on to Jilly's for about 10pm (I think), and then probably back to Ste's after.

Naturally, everybody is invited. If you want to get hold of us, then our mobile numbers are as follows:

David: 07764495634
James: 07764488860

Feel free to use them - if you're in the area, we'll come find you or something. We insist on everybody turning up (this means you - Deb, Ste, Gaz, Adcott, and everybody else), so you'd all better :o)

Then Sunday is Laser Quest day (or, as it will come to be known "please keep the noise down, I'm too hungover to play this stupid game" day). Again, everybody invited, it won't be until the afternoon - David and I are going to 0wn you all. Jude, you'd best be there, or I shall cry :o)

Anyhow, them's the plans, if anybody wants to drop in on us, then feel free...

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<< Current Music: Oblio has no point, you know... >>

::gasp:: I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! i love that movie almost more than my own life. ::sings:: me'n my arrow...straight up and narrow...wherever we go, everyone knowwwwws, it's me and my arrow!

oh my. i miss that movie. my copy died a long time ago. :/

Heh... I dunno myself, I thought it was kinda, um, weird. When I was in America over Christmas, Jen's step-father was sent the soundtrack CD or something for it, and it struck me as just being really really surreal (which isn't a bad thing)... :o)

I saw a copy of it go for $70 on eBay, but that's like, a lot....

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