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Yes, I admit it
Just so that everybody knows, the song I'm currently listening to (which will be named at the bottom of this post, if this thing is working right) makes me cry. I just felt I had to say this before David said it for me :o)

It all relates back to the episode of The X Files which features this song - the one where Mulder finally puts the whole Samantha thing to rest. This is the piece that plays when he finds her, and she hugs him. I'm not in any way ashamed of the fact that watching that scene makes me cry every single time. 'tis the natural reaction really, given that, in my prior capacity as an X Files geek, I used to watch every episode again and again. I've built up such an empathy for Mulder that anything emotional that happens to him reflects on me. Hence why this music makes me cry.

I advise everybody to buy Moby's album, if for nothing else than this song

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Moby is awesome. I want to get every album he's done.

Also - I cried (wept) at the end of Babylon 5. That doesn't make me any less EVIL.

Re: No shame in that.

Don't worry Scott. Deep down, we'll always think of you as being evil...

Phew. That's a relief then.

Re: No shame in that.

Damn straight - there is no shame in crying. Even if you are a lad ("haha", as you can hear the knuckle scraping morons shouting in the town nearby)
I cry at Moby songs. Well, videos. "Why does my heart feel so bad" (the lonely guy) and "Run On" (the whole suicide business) always get to me, for the reasons outlined in them there brackets.

Now cheer up dinner suited Sir!

Re: No shame in that.

I can't seem to cry :O( No matter if I need to, I just can't. My feelings never come out, so i just get withdrawn.

I think i've broken down and cried about something once, and that's it.

Try and stub your toe.

Re: No shame in that.

I've done worse than that. I've dropped a 4 pack of Fosters on a single toe before.

Left it bruised for a long time. Hurt like hell.

Didn't cry, but I shouted a lot

That's a different kind of pain. Thats the pain where you walk around going "hnnng" a lot.

Re: No shame in that.

Yeah, definate HNNNNNGG...

Plus a bit of "Heather you stupid Cow, that just crushed my bleedin' toe"

She distracted me :O(

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