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I'm working on the layout, but I thought I'd put some content there first, in order to build stuff around it. So, a few reviews...

Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler
Lifehouse - No Name Face (special edition)
The Offspring - Conspiracy of One
Blink 182 - Take off your Pants and Jacket

Now to work on making it more PHP-like, and use that in order to pull of some fun tricks :o)

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I like it :-)

And now for something very random. I'm getting a lot of bootlegs... Specifically:

11 Ataris (not including the videos from Bill)
2 Blink 182
7 Dashboard Confessional
4 Lagwagon
1 Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
1 New Found Glory
1 No Use For A Name
4 Vandals

They're all CD's apart from one of the Vandals shows. I am the God of bootlegs.

Hmm. You can review those concerts for my site then


If I have to ;-)


yes. ahem. i will write something. and send it to you. but i forgot what i was gonna write about

Yay - as you can see, I'm doing crap on my own ;o)

::giggles:: i thought it was okay... rar.
needs..the emo child from hell though ::nods::

We shall make it our mascot, or something ;o)

Heh, nothing like seeing a website an knowing how it's put together :D

I take it it's an:
<? include ("bottom.php") ?>
<td class="foreground">

<h6 class="title">Take Off Your Pants and Jacket</h6>
<h6 class="artist">Blink 182</h6>
<? include ("top.php") ?>

job. Nice HTML, none of the wysiwyg crap, and proper CSS.

I wanna see some interactve database stuff going on, with users an stuff. Drop and give me 20.

Yup, that's almost exactly how I did it - the (td class="foreground") part is in the top include, but otherwise, yup. That way, I can change the whole layout easily enough without editing more than one file. Of course, ultimately, it'll be more like this

The URL will be like this: review.php?revid=312

Then you'll have something like

<h6 class="title"<<?php echo $title[the argument up there that says 312]; ?< etc.

However, it's a bit slow - learning PHP is easy enough, except that I learned ASP first, and I keep having to check that I'm writing code in the right language. At first, I'm thinking of just storing a massive set of arrays server-side, and letting the parser put in the relevant data (as in the example above), but ultimately it's going to be running on a MySQL server...

Thanks for the kind words regarding the use of CSS and stuff - I'm trying my best. Now to actually put some nice stuff on there so it's not just a couple of plain boxes :o)

Wow, I forgot how to write >'s there for a minute ;o)


I'd recommend going for the DB option as soon as possible, makes life much easier in the long run. The thing I hate though is making the urls look nice. /review.php?id=23 is always gonna look kinda sucky.

Best to create a php file called just "reviews", mark it explicitly as a file to be put through the PHP server, then after sufficient blood sweat and tears you can have it accept variables like $band == GreenDay from /users/band/GreenDay. Which is mucho nicer.

Yeah, I'm not sure about that either, although then again, there's an easy way of fixing it - change links on the site for forms, whose action is review.php, that pass in the relevant arguments. That way, it'd do that, but you'd never see it. Then again, it means that external links to the site would have to take that form anyway...

I could do that, yes, which is probably where it's heading in the long run, but I can only deal with one change at a time right now, and I'd rather get the DB up and running before I try worrying too much about aesthetics :o)

wow, i wrote quite a lot...

looks good. have to take issue with the offspring review, though; the album is heavily formulaic and it's nothing really new for the offspring (except the funk elements in 'living in chaos' and less so in others), but it is undeniably diverse compared to your comparitively glowing review of the blink album. although god knows blink might've gotten songwriting talent following all the preceding albums i've heard. :P even without the comparison, 'original prankster', 'want you bad', 'living in chaos', 'vultures', 'denial, revisited' and 'special delivery' are all easily recognisable as distinct songs. describing the band as 'one hit wonders' is really rather silly as well, considering that the term is used to describe bands who have one hit single or album and then disappear into obscurity. bear in mind that the offspring have four albums which each number worldwide sales in the millions (the biggest selling is the mid-90's 'smash'). i would argue that listening to each of the six albums the offspring have released, plus various non-album tracks, or even just 'conspiracy of one' should reveal a fairly diverse talent at songwriting, even if directed predominantly into slightly tedious pop-punk nowadays. to be fair, though, i agree that most of the songs on the album that i haven't mentioned are little more than what people have come to expect from the offspring; fast-paced pop-punk that rips through a haven't-i-heard-this-before riff and whatnot... and on the album in question these songs are sadly filler compared to earlier material in the same vein.

to finish: 'conspiracy of one' is my least favourite offspring album and a massive disappoint to me.

Re: wow, i wrote quite a lot...

...and *was* a massive disappoint*ment* to me.

i think i'd better go to bed.

Re: wow, i wrote quite a lot...

I know - when I told you I visited your site, I didn't just read the front page. I read all the reviews too, and I know what you meant about Conspiracy of One. The review I wrote was written over last summer, before I'd really heard much apart from Americana...

Since I wrote it, I have decided that Want You Bad, Vultures etc. are very different songs - I mostly accused them of being repeat-one-hit-wonders when I found that you can play Dammit I Changed Again and A Million Miles Away practically over the top of one another - something about that just pissed me off for some reason. And I did clarify that I meant that they have one hit which they keep reusing, rather than just the one hit, period.

Denial, Revisited is still my favourite Offspring song off any of the albums though, and it makes the album for me. I don't doubt that I would have been disappointed with the album had I bought Smash first, but as it was, I was spared the initial disappointment, and grew to love it in its own right. However, the review is based on a two-album-knowledge of the Offspring - needless to say, I used the review just to fill space on my site layout rather than actually intended to do anything with such a misinformed piece of writing :o)

Re: wow, i wrote quite a lot...

yup, you did clarify that, i just forgot once i started babbling! heh. but hey, good luck with the site...

Re: wow, i wrote quite a lot...

Heh, I can see how me accusing them of being a one hit wonder would be far more memorable than me excusing it by just changing the definition, so... :o)

And you're welcome to contribute as little or as much as you want, you know :o)

Re: wow, i wrote quite a lot...

hmm, well, once more of the site is visible than "under construction; you know how it is..." i shall donate some stuff. ;)

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