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So, my night.... Started off at Wetherspoons, where I only had two drinks - frankly, the idea of drinking alcohol did not sit well with me after my "performance" on Saturday. Started off just being me, Claire, Alex, Harry and Kev, but eventually, we were joined by Vicky (the birthday girl!), Dan, Duggie, Mice, Tom, Jim, Lorna, Eber, Dodge, Hugh, and Rob. Then later on, Jimbo arrived too, with Laura, Rachel, Siobhan, Beth, Dave, and a few others... Ain't that often that I'm in a pub with about 25 people I know...

Anyhow, after spending a while in there, we made our way down to the Honey Club. We'd thought of going to the Zap, but we found out it was gay night, and I was too stylishly dressed to be able to pull off being straight, so we decided against that. So anyhow, there was a massive queue outside the Honey Club, so I made excuses (and promised Vicky I'd cook Tacos for her soon) and went to go to Club New York with Shanu and friends.

So, Club New York was fun - they didn't play quite so many good songs as last time, although they did still play Nickelback, P.O.D., Linkin Park (In the End - twice), Limp Bizkit (Break Stuff), Bloodhound Gang (Magna Cum Nada or whatever it was)... I came back with whiplash again from dancing, so my neck is gonna ache for about a week now (it'll be ready in time for my next visit). Anyhow, eventually came home and chatted to Jimbo for about an hour. And now you find me here.....


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