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(no subject)
Well, I'm awake. However, I know that this isn't going to be my main waking period in the day because I'm still reasonably drunk. I know this because I don't have a hangover yet, and believe me I'm gonna get one after last night. I had the presence of mind to make my LJ posts friends-only so as not to embarass myself, but I think I can share this one with the public:
Right nwo I am so drunksa that aI;'m agoing to want to delete this rtomoorwo because of how shite I've s[pelled everything. But for now, I sleep

Jesus H Chrust. I need dti drunk less
And then, there's the IRC log... It's really annoying though - as David will verify, I almost never get so drunk that I'm not sober underneath, and lacking the coordination to type anything gets really frustrating, because I don't feel that drunk. Oh well, here it is, in all its embarassing glory:

[00:11:38] Jamie|pub> Woah
[00:11:40] DMZ> the gts core will do 250 no problem if you bung a decent fan on it
[00:11:45] Jamie|pub> I have had way too muic to drunk
[00:11:48] Jamie|pub> Fuck
[00:11:50] *** Jamie|pub is now known as Jamie|sl33p
[00:11:52] Jamie|sl33p> Sod this
[00:11:54] Deity1|h0m3> mmm, it's got a dinky fan...
[00:11:55] * Jamie|sl33p is away: I've had my fill of these... horrible... stink people... things for today.
[00:11:57] Jamie|sl33p> can;'t talk to you people right now
[00:12:02] DMZ> the memory... less likely to overclock
[00:12:02] Deity1|h0m3> Yes
[00:12:04] Deity1|h0m3> talk to us
[00:12:07] Jamie|sl33p> No
[00:12:11] DMZ> but step it up, see how far it will go
[00:12:12] Deity1|h0m3> please
[00:12:13] Jamie|sl33p> I'll make more of a tit of myself than usual
[00:12:20] Deity1|h0m3> that's not possible
[00:12:24] Jamie|sl33p> Pss off
[00:12:26] Jamie|sl33p> I neewds sleep
[00:12:33] DMZ> please, you are the light of our miserable little lives, James
[00:12:35] Deity1|h0m3> btw, did you get sex0r from thingy last night?
[00:12:40] Jamie|sl33p> I';m typing like a fuckiung retard
[00:12:42] Deity1|h0m3> DMZ: yours maybe
[00:12:50] Deity1|h0m3> Jamie|sl33p: not true, it's perfect
[00:13:00] Jamie|sl33p> T oyou maybe, but then. you're a fuckiung retarda anyway
[00:13:04] DMZ> I can't say I'd noticed any difference
[00:13:06] Deity1|h0m3> i haven't noticed a single spelling or grammitical mistake.
[00:13:15] Jamie|sl33p> You wouldnm't
[00:13:20] Deity1|h0m3> damn that grammir
[00:13:28] Jamie|sl33p> Kkss my arse
[00:13:45] DMZ> did you know drunkeness is 50% psychological?
[00:13:52] Jamie|sl33p> Pehapos
[00:13:57] Jamie|sl33p> But the ploss of coirrdingation
[00:13:59] Jamie|sl33p> Coordination
[00:14:01] Dirk|Rockpalast> the other 50% is typing apparently.
[00:14:01] Jamie|sl33p> When typing
[00:14:05] Jamie|sl33p> Is due to her alcohol
[00:14:07] Jamie|sl33p> (the)
[00:14:15] DMZ> possibly.. possibly
[00:14:17] Jamie|sl33p> Especially with me
[00:14:22] *** Deity1|h0m3 changes topic to '[00:12:03] Jamie|sl33p> But the ploss of coirrdingation'
[00:14:25] Jamie|sl33p> Because sometime,s my fingers type words that I dpn't mean
[00:14:34] Jamie|sl33p> like "her" isbtaead of the
[00:14:47] Jamie|sl33p> You bitch]
[00:15:06] Deity1|h0m3> yes
[00:15:28] Jamie|sl33p> Anyhjow, after the amount of brandy I've consued, I'd love any sort of infdication of [psychological activity
[00:15:38] Jamie|sl33p> Might make me stop feeling breaindead
[00:15:58] DMZ> your brain isn't dead
[00:16:02] DMZ> it's "clock throttled"
[00:16:05] Jamie|sl33p> It;'s not aexactly aelive
[00:16:07] Deity1|h0m3> DMZ: yes, it has been for a long time
[00:16:08] Jamie|sl33p> Fux-0r
[00:16:33] Deity1|h0m3> Jamie|sl33p, this is how i feel every friday, i rarely see other people as fucked as i get :)
[00:16:54] DMZ> I commonly see other people fucked as much as I get, but that's a completely different story
[00:17:09] * DMZ sets mode: -tone
[00:17:40] Jamie|sl33p> Nobody was a sdrunbkg as me
[00:17:43] Jamie|sl33p> I fel peoud
[00:17:46] Jamie|sl33p> proiud
[00:17:49] Jamie|sl33p> proud
[00:17:50] Jamie|sl33p> Fux0r
[00:17:53] Deity1|h0m3> DMZ: yes and sadly an alcohol free oe
[00:17:54] Deity1|h0m3> +n
[00:18:10] Deity1|h0m3> Jamie|sl33p: proud? i think you spelt stupid wrong
[00:18:20] DMZ> I've lost an entire day of my memory, woken up in my own bed, not known how I've got there, and been asked why the sink is full of puke. Does that count?
[00:19:31] Jamie|sl33p> No
[00:19:36] Jamie|sl33p> Anbd now its' bemy bestdtime
[00:19:40] Jamie|sl33p> because inedes sleep
[00:19:48] Jamie|sl33p> i can't fucking type
[00:19:50] Jamie|sl33p> help
[00:20:00] Jamie|sl33p> i had a widked night though
[00:20:01] * Dirk|Rockpalast helps James to his bed
[00:20:45] Jamie|sl33p> t
[00:20:47] Jamie|sl33p> night
[00:20:53] Dirk|Rockpalast> gniht
[00:21:29] Night|working> night
[00:21:38] Jamie|sl33p> I'll regret this toimorrow you know
[00:21:49] Jamie|sl33p> blwsh
[00:21:51] Jamie|sl33p> i nee bed
[00:22:10] Dirk|Rockpalast> [01:17] Jamie|sl33p> I'll regret this toimorrow you know -- just sleep through tomorrow then .. might hhelp ...
[00:22:37] Jamie|sl33p> okway
[00:22:37] Jamie|sl33p> bye
[00:24:33] Jamie|sl33p> closiung my eyes ,makes the world spin
[00:24:35] Jamie|sl33p> i don't ;oile that
[00:24:39] Jamie|sl33p> liek
[00:24:41] Jamie|sl33p> like
[00:24:43] Jamie|sl33p> fs
[00:24:43] * Deity1|h0m3 spins Jamie|sl33p
[00:24:54] Jamie|sl33p> compared to the alcohol, you spining is nothing
[00:24:56] Dirk|Rockpalast> Night|working: errr ... dunno?
[00:25:06] Deity1|h0m3> drink more alcohol then
[00:25:09] Jamie|sl33p> u kno
[00:25:10] Jamie|sl33p> fuck noi
[00:25:12] Jamie|sl33p> shit
[00:25:15] Jamie|sl33p> i canm't y[pe
[00:25:16] Jamie|sl33p> type
[00:25:34] Jamie|sl33p> *sigh*
[00:25:44] DMZ> it's intelligable
[00:25:49] DMZ> see? I can't even spell
[00:25:49] Jamie|sl33p> Barely :o)
[00:26:09] DMZ> TMA
[00:26:11] * TMA is away - TFC
[00:26:16] Jamie|sl33p> hame
[00:26:18] DMZ> what drivers did you say worked again?
[00:26:22] Jamie|sl33p> You're mising me making an arse of myself
[00:26:27] Jamie|sl33p> You;d prefer this to tfc, trust me
[00:26:46] Deity1|h0m3> [23:34:33] TMA> 22.80's are solid
[00:27:02] Jamie|sl33p> FACTk: washing vokda down with branno wait wis
[00:27:03] Jamie|sl33p> shit
[00:27:09] Jamie|sl33p> washing brandy down siwht vpdak is bad
[00:27:14] Jamie|sl33p> shit
[00:27:17] Jamie|sl33p> you know what I mean
[00:27:37] Jamie|sl33p> I'm not so far gone that i'm indeciverable
[00:27:38] Deity1|h0m3> washing brandy down with vodka is bad?
[00:27:40] Jamie|sl33p> iondeciferable
[00:27:43] Jamie|sl33p> indeciferablke
[00:27:46] Jamie|sl33p> you know what I mean
[00:27:49] Jamie|sl33p> fux0r
[00:28:03] Deity1|h0m3> dammit, we're running out of topic space, have to move onto #aa
[00:28:08] Jamie|sl33p> Heh
[00:28:14] Jamie|sl33p> I'll publish thge tnire chat log tomrorow
[00:28:24] Jamie|sl33p> By way ofg a "don't d this again" warning to myself
[00:28:25] Jamie|sl33p> f
[00:29:01] Jamie|sl33p> i shoud lepoe
[00:29:02] *** Jamie|sl33p is now known as Jamie|p33
[00:29:07] * Jamie|p33 is away: Prepare your bladder for imminent release!!
[00:29:19] Jamie|p33> aT lea tmy away message was spelled wqright
[00:29:41] Deity1|h0m3> scripts don't count..
[00:29:57] *** Quits: ArcChas|AFK (Me@the-arcane.demon.co.uk) (Ping timeout)
[00:30:05] Deity1|h0m3> btw, could you try something for me Jamie|p33?
[00:31:02] Deity1|h0m3> actually, doesn't matter
[00:31:35] DMZ> did it involve pee?
[00:31:40] Deity1|h0m3> no
[00:31:43] Deity1|h0m3> i'm not you.
[00:31:51] DMZ> damn - you're meant to mock and lead on the drunk, f00l
[00:32:00] Deity1|h0m3> oh
[00:32:35] Deity1|h0m3> all right then, Jamie|p33, DMZ claims he can reach the toilet whilst standing his bedroom. i bet he can't. you try it and prove him wrong.
[00:33:23] *** Jamie|p33 is now known as Jamie|tv
[00:33:26] * Jamie|tv is away: I love this show...
[00:33:28] Jamie|tv> watchinv a movie wityh alcaire


[01:38:31] Deity1|h0m3> Jamie|tv: it won't work unless she's very drunk
[01:38:36] Dirk|Rockpalast> There's James sex0r on tv??
[01:38:41] DMZ> bets on Jamie being too drunk to achieve a satifactory outcome? =)
[01:38:59] TMA> And DMZ succesfully lowers the tone..
[01:39:07] Deity1|h0m3> there was a tone?
[01:39:11] DMZ> bets on her not being drunk enough to achieve a satisfactory outcome? =)

That last bit was just an amusing snippet of conversation that I managed to miss - odd kids :o)

Anyhow, the reasons I'm up are threefold. Firstly, I really really had to pee. But you don't need to hear about that. The second was that my room was really hot, and windows needed opening right up. And finally, I was out of water - had to go to the shop to buy more (yes, I'm drinking bottled water - I'm upper middle class, that's what we do, apparently). The best prevention for a hangover is drinking lots of water, so you know, it's important to my health :o)

So anyhow, I went out to the shops, and the sky was astonishingly beautiful. Living on the coast, I'm used to sometimes getting really pretty cloud formations and stuff, but this was just breathtaking - away to the north and to the west, there were banks of thin cloud which were lit up bright red, which made the entire world red as well. Off to the south, and the sea, the sky was shining blue, and off in the east where the sun was coming up, the clouds were all bubbly and... well... it's hard to describe them adequately, but they looked really amazing. The overall effect of it all was just to make the entire sky really pretty - it was certainly one of the most visually impressive mornings I've ever experienced :o)

Anyhow, ought to be back off to sleep now, get some of this alcohol out of the system....

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The red light emanating from the north west was in fact many rioters having their usual Saturday night in Oldham - y'know ... torching cars etc!

Sounds about right... :o)

I'm upper middle class

'oo sez?

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