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*what do you think of life? Well, it's certainly something to do to pass the time, that's for sure...
*what do you think of racism? It sucks
*what do you think of religion? It's the biggest cause of division in the world, and that's not a good thing. Plus, the major religions seem to be things one subscribes to, rather than really believes per se, which is why I went ahead and invented my own system of belief from scratch which made sense to me personally, rather than just being somebody else's ideas that I decided to believe in.
*what do you think of death? Comes to us all, usually sucks when it does
*what do you think of drugs? Depends what drugs... If we're talking pot, then there's nowt wrong with it - it's better for you than alcohol and no worse than cigarettes, so anybody who wants to complain about it can start by criminalizing those drugs.
*what do you think of legalizing marijuana? There isn't a single good reason not to make it legal, and that whole "Drug abusers start on pot" thing is bullshit - drug abusers started on fricking alcohol. The number of people who only ever try pot and don't go any further is large enough that you can't say that pot makes anybody try hard drugs - the only possible argument is the one that points out that buying pot gets you into knowing the "wrong type of people", but legalising it would remove that factor.
*what do you think of alcohol? Great fun, but since I'm a poor student, it could do with being a little less expensive...
*what do you think of drunk people? If I'm around any, I'm usually one of them
*what do you think of acid? Nothing against it as such, but I'd not do it
*what do you think of heroin? No thanks, your highly-addictive narcotics are not required
*what do you think of LSD? That it is acid, and that I answered this already
*what do you think of snorting coke? Yeah, I love destroying the membrane between my nostrils.....

*what do you think of emo? SCREAM IF YOU LOVE EMO, YOU TEEN ANGST BITCHES!! Uh, I mean, it's okay..
*what do you think of punk? I love punk, but while it's how I'd label myself, few others would do so automatically
*what do you think of goth? BLEED, YOU BASTARDS! Uh, sorry, got carried away. Um, it's okay :o)
*what to you think of preps? Tossers
*what do you think of rednecks? Don't even get me started on those in-bred fucking hicks...
*what do you think of nerds? Technically I think I am one, but I do a better job of hiding it these days
*what do you think of dorks? They're funny...
*what do you think of the drama/theater folks? Cool - many of my friends are in this category
*what do you think of the stoners? They're fun to laugh at - wasters are amusing :o)
*what do you think of the whiggas? HAHAHAHAHA!!
*what do you think of hippies? They rule, I want to be bohemian...
*what do you think of freaks? Attention seekers?
*what do you think of sex? It's good fun :o)
*what do you think of boys? No thanks
*what do you think of girls? Yummy :o)
*what do you think of gay men? Nowt against them, but if certain guys don't stop inviting me to their houses for kinky gay sex, I'm gonna start getting annoyed at them :oP
*what do you think of lesbians? Depends - hot lesbians are cool, but like, the sort you tend to get making out in clubs in Brighton tend to be... uh... well... not hot? :o)
*what do you think of cross-dressers? Men dressed as women are rarely very pretty :o)
*what do you think of surgically changing your gender? If that's what you want to do, go for it...
*what do you think of men growing breast? What, like Drik? ;o)
*what do you think of masturbation? Poor substitute for the real thing?
*what do you think of people who cry a lot? Generally, I do my best to make them cry - I'm cruel, and enjoy sport...
*what if it's your girlfriend/boyfriend? Then that's different, and I try to be nice
*what do you think of boyfriend/girlfriends? I want one (girlfriend, that is), damnit.
*what do you think of couples? I want to be one half of one.
*what do you think of people who dress in stripper-like clothes in public? Their choice
*what do you think of people who dye their hair? Only if it's done in the correct punk way :o)
*what do you think of people with mohawks? Cool enough - you get a lot of those here...
*what if it's a girl? It's fine. There was this one lass with really cool hair at the club the other night, with two rows of different-colored hair-spikes running down her head. It looked good.
*what do you think of people who smoke cigs? Breath-stink stick?
*what do you think of people who are in jail? Well it really rather depends what for...
*what do you think of rapists? Um, not good people? Although I'd not go so far as the "chop their nuts off" gig...
*what do you think of reporters? Irritating, but the public's appetite for living vicariously seems to require them
*what do you think of famous people? I aspire to be one of them :o)
*what do you think of fat people? Nowt wrong with 'em
*what do you think of skinny people? I'm one of them (or used to be, at least) - nowt wrong with them either :o)
*what do you think of short people? Some short people totally rule. Others do not.
*what do you think of tall people? I HATE THEM ALL AND MUST KILL THEM! Sorry, I just realised I was at the end of the survey and wanted to say something stupid....

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So... does this mean that if you come to America again I couldn't convince you to swing by my place for kinky gay sex?

LMAO :P ok...that was funny

You think he's kidding? ;o)

It means what it says - that it might get irritating if people keep on inviting me repeatedly. Not that an invitation isn't welcome, or that I'm not going to accept (although I'm telling you now, it's highly unlikely...)

eating grass and going moo does not make you a cow :oP

Thank you for that refreshingly random response.

But, um, for the benefit of those who don't speak your own personal language, what are babbling about? :o)

How very tolerant...

Just trying to be more like you - my idol ;o)

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