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It's cool in here...
There's only so many times I can wake up soaked in sweat before I decide to do something about the temperature in my room. Most of the time, the nice warmth just keeps any signs of rheumatism at bay, but occasionally it just rockets, and I can't sleep, or function, or keep from sweating. No attractive. Which is, of course, why I have a window...

Now, despite being on the ground floor, my window is great - I can leave it open whenever I like without danger. The houses are so tall here (well, you know, three floors) that the rain only really falls straight into the back yard, rather than at an angle, so the rain can't come in. And if it's burglars you're worried about, then it's even better - unless they break into a house on our road (or climb over a house...), and leave via the back door, then climb over a load of fences, they can't get to our back yard. There's no access to it without extreme difficulty. So I can go out leaving the window open :o)

And there's no worry about it getting too cold - as those who've observed this can back up (like one person, but still), I can sleep nekkid in any temperature, for some reason. Somebody recently said something akin to "It's freezing and snowing all day, and he just takes off all his clothes and sleeps under a single blanket - incredible" or summat like that. I'm not good with remembering exactly how people say things. Sue me.

I can't wait for it to get a bit warmer though... I mean, right now it's quite warm - I've yet to have a day when a shirt and jacket were insufficient to keep me warm - a lot of the time, I go out wearing less than that. Being on the south coast means that it never gets too cold, so I shouldn't complain. However, I can remember how utterly cool last summer was in the flat, and I want that again. The really warm air, the lying out in the field behind the house and just relaxing, the playing Frisbee, the football, all that stuff. It was great... I want that weather again, although since we're here, I dunno what we'd do with it - no field any more...

One thing one could do when it's warmer is go swim in the sea, although I'm not sure I trust the coast here - I'd have to go a few miles along to find somewhere nicer (read: less sewage). Wish my wetsuit still fitted, but I know it can't possibly. It was a snug fit years ago, and I know that I've changed shape considerably since then. The difference between now and a year ago is obvious - baggy stuff is beginning to fit, stuff that would fit is now becoming a snug fit, and the stuff that was previously a snug fit was probably about 5 years old, and so I don't wear it any more :o)

But yeah, I've really like totally changed shape these last few months. In the last three weeks alone I've put on a lot of weight, and a lot more muscle on top of that. All thanks to my special stomach things, which are not the same as David's - mine are harder. I mean, I do far less of them (by like a factor of 15), but each one is damned harder than one of his, which justifies that. It's great, when I look in the mirror now, my body just looks so much... well... bigger. And the fact that I can see my muscles so clearly just rules.

It's funny how you can just stop hating your body and appearance all of a sudden. It wasn't something I was ever expecting to happen, but here I am - actually happy being me.

Anyhow, sleep time again.....

I remember the last time I heard this song..... *sigh*


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