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So anyway...
Hooray, things are all resolved nicely. Well, OK, so they're not, but still. It's good to hear that Mitchy and Grace are finally getting their heads around the fact that they'll never do better than each other. The fools, I knew this months ago, but would they listen? NO! Ha.

So anyhow, David is coming down tomorrow. That should be fun. We can go out partying or something... Dunno what time he's arriving, and I don't know where he's getting to, but if he gets to Falmer station, or indeed on campus (which is just over the road from the station) and gives me a call, I'll come get him. Additionally, Dan and Mike are coming down tomorrow too. Hooray. That will also be fun. Dunno where everybody is sleeping, but I know that either myself or David gets the bed (but not both, I hasten to add), and the others can do as they please (what with knowing David was coming down when they decided to). Can't wait to see everybody again...

Last night I got to sleep at 5:30am. This represents a bad night, since I then slept through a seminar and a workshop (both of which are compulsary, unlike lectures), and woke up at noon. Hooray. Oh well, not my fault, I had to stay up, see. Anyway, this is what I was going to send Scott, before I realised that I may as well send it to everybody who is my friend :o)

Last night, Mice and I were going to Falmer bar to meet some new male friend of hers, and the rest of the house was either in London or Brighton. So first off we went on the Uni computers and did various stuff. Fun. Then we went back, got more warm clothes (it was cold), and went on the swings. There we discussed... well... feelings. No, it's not reciprocated, more's the pity, but I already knew that, so it's not so bad... As far as I can tell, she's OK with it, and it doesn't like creep her out or anything. She, obviously, knew already, and indeed when she came to my room in her satin nightgown last night, she knew. This proves that it's really not going to be a problem (I hope). Hooray. Anyhow, we got back from the bar, and listened to music for a while, until Tolis came home. Drunk. I'm telling you, if you thought he was creepy before (and according to the narrative, you did), you would really be bothered by him now. He was, like, actually scary. Brrrrr... Eventually he went to bed, and so things were safe. At about 3:45am, Mice decided she needed sleep, so we went back to her room and chatted for a while. She managed to spook me out to the point where I decided to sleep with the light on - hooray(!). Anyhow, left her room at about 4am, and heard her locking and bolting her door to stop a certain Greek from bothering her (which he has a habit of doing). We spoke to Ebs about the whole situation last night too, which felt good - as the definite "father" of the house, it was like telling a grown up - it suddenly seemed a lot better. But she's still scared with him being around, and that's so bad... I just want to snap that f'ing c'nts neck, I really do. Ho hum...

Um, last night I made Vodka jelly for the house, before going out. While I was out, they not only ate all the vodka jelly (before I had any), but also drank the rest of my bottle of vodka, and polished off the rum and tequila too. The state in which they went to Brighton must have been funny :o)

Um, I have a maths lecture in about 10 minutes, so I think I shall go find Mice now. More later, perhaps. Dan, Mike and David - if you want to know where to go tomorrow, just call me, either tonight, or tomorrow, or indeed when you get here.

More later, if I'm not sleeping

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I feel so unspecial. ;o) Glad to know things are spooky and that (apart from Tolis). Chin up, etc.

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